Why Joe Biden Pandering To Republicans Will Cause Democrats To Lose In 2020

Never bite the hand that feeds you, never desert your ride to the party, and never put perpetrators of crimes before victims.

Why Joe Biden Pandering To Republicans Will Cause Democrats To Lose In 2020

Never bite the hand that feeds you, never desert your ride to the party, and never put perpetrators of crimes before victims.

Governor John Kasich of Ohio speaking at the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Buzzards and eagles don’t fly together. They don’t eat the same food. They don’t dine in the same spaces. Likewise, the only animals that fool up with American alligators are other American alligators because they are apex predators able and willing to eat anything or anyone it wants to. That’s how I feel in 2020 about Vice-President Joe Biden cozying up Republicans to win in 2020 by inviting John Kasich to speak at the Democratic Convention. Biden’s bet on Kasich will cost him and the Democratic Party dearly.

Joe Biden isn’t supposed to be putting me and other Black and Brown folks in the same room with an alligator because the alligator said it doesn’t crave blood anymore.

Biden’s rationale for doing is all about pandering to White people, neglecting the fact those same White people made this mess. Those same White people are physically and financially hurting his base. I’m having a problem finding the eagles within the Democratic party. Buzzards and eagles ain’t supposed to be flying together. Houston, we Black folks have a problem.

Both Biden and the Democratic Party have taken Black voters for granted for far too long, choosing to instead spend their time and energy pandering to wavering, fair-weather White, and Non-Black voters of color who vote with Republicans. Unlike white liberals, we’re not patty-caking with racists and reformed racists interested in their future reputations (and probably getting into heaven) more than they are making things right. While I can’t speak on Kasich’s motives, I can say he hasn’t shown remorse for the long-term consequences because of his long-term relationship with the party of hate, racism, and inequality. It’s fashionable to speak out now.

Republicans Mean Us No Good

When someone shows you who they are, believe them, and the modern Republican Party for the last 12-years has shown Black and Brown folks exactly who in the hell they are and what they believe in. I believe them, and I’ve always believed the Republicans were who they showed me they were. Living in the South where the last angry White man’s revolt occurred (Google Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats), I am all too familiar with that the party truly stands for, even if others around this country do not. Republicanism is about “traditional values,” the good old days, segregations, and white power. Republicans have never given me a reason not to believe them. The one wonderful thing I can say about the GOP is that their ideologies and actions align, unlike the Democratic Party.

For the eight years of the Obama presidency, angry White Republicans worked diligently to not only obstruct the first Black president of the United States, but the GOP also worked quietly to devise a plan to keep White power. One Black man in their White House was enough, and they would lie, cheat, steal, and create chaos to ensure that their wills shall be done. And here we are. The good and the poor must suffer along with the bad, stupid, and white supremacists.

While Blacks and minorities have been the intended targets of their anger, rage, cruelty, and revenge, there have been plenty of indifferent White folks who have been collateral damage thanks to the Republican Party’s “Last Stand of the White Man” revolution. The GOP has declared white won’t go down without a fight, and they are really doing the most. The Browning of America is supposed to mean a shift in focus of priorities. Biden and the Democratic Party should exemplify this shift. Instead, the party is continuing to center White working-class people and those fair weather, disloyal White folks who come under the umbrella when things are bad and their portfolios are losing money.

Biden’s pick shows White people in neither party are ready to embrace change and diversity in politics. Biden and Kasich both exemplify white supremacy’s “good ole boy” system. Biden’s selection of Kasich also shows he’ll play with cheaters and racist to win.

Republicans don’t play fair, win fair, and or lose fair. They’ve set up the courts, co-opted the police, gerrymandered their way to power, and hijacked state, county, local, and federal governments so that they can remain in power for another generation or two, no matter how many Blacks or Brown people are born in America. Biden’s pick has given forgiveness to Kasich for aiding Republicans in obstructing our basic civil rights. Biden’s pick tells Black voters he doesn’t give a fuck if you can’t vote. Voter suppression is our problem. The appearance of White men seeing the error of their evil ways is most important to Biden and the Democratic Party.

Some people are cool with this white dove political stunt, but I’m not. Anyone who is still considering themselves a part of the Republican Party or Conservative after the last 12-years or unwilling to part from a party of cruelty and poverty is someone I cannot trust.

Why still be a part of an organization filled with hate? What are you afraid of losing?

If you were a part of the Klan, I could assume you dislike Black people, Jewish folks, Africans, Mexicans, or any other people who do not belong to White race. If a person continues to associate with racist organizations and organizations that center inequality, injustice, white rule, racial segregation, patriarchy, eugenics, patrolling, and overseeing Black and Brown bodies and civil rights only for White men, what does that say about them? And for the people who attempt to make excuses for staying affiliated to a pirate ship of traitors, what does it say about them?

My dad used to tell me you are what you hang around. I believe this to be true to this day.

Anyone able to excuse away the history of the modern Republican Party cannot make moral decisions and who should not be trusted. Too many folks are using many excuses to stay linked to the Republican Party and conservatism. Conservatism at its core is a commitment to traditional values and ideas, with opposition to change or innovation. Why invite that group into a party trying to move forward? We have different interests. Combining the two interests will start a fight. The fight stops all forward movement. Guess who loses? Black folks.

Just thinking about this is making my blood pressure rise.

Segregation and Conservatism Are Married

White people like to differentiate between segregationists and conservatism, the one consistent that people often ignore is that White men created both ideologies for White men. Too many white Conservatives have double-standards when it comes to using one’s liberty to reach one’s fullest potential, own property, start a business, vote, and worship without the help or interference of the federal government.

White folks will claim they believe in these very ideas and principles but will vote and support White men who are racist and segregationists and who think it’s perfectly okay to infringe upon the rights of Black and Brown folks attempting to do the very things they claim they believe in. They show it when there is a challenge to those very views. If Blacks fight similar challenges to our ideas, white conservatives are silent. The NRA does a fantastic job of showing the double-standards of conservatism. So do evangelical Christians. Conservatism is a code for protecting white rights, white property, and white liberties.

American Conservatism is as problematic as Republicanism because it latches onto a party and a system that doesn’t truly believe all men are created equal and all men aren’t to be free. It’s hard to ignore the federal government noted in our Constitution that Black men weren’t free or equal, and we were the only men and women consistently prevented from accessing all the things conservatism is supposedly about. Conservatism is racist as Southern Strategy politics, and it’s a hill I’m willing to die on. I’m no longer allowing White people to dictate what racism is and isn’t to me. I’m also not allowing Black people to sell me the lie White folks sold to them to get them to hold their gates closed.

American Conservatism preserves the old-time ways far too many White people love, ways that are rooted deeply in white supremacy and colonialism. Modern American Conservatism is code for Anglo-American Conservativism. And while people of color have joined have also assembled under America’s Anglo-Conservative umbrella to vote against their own interests being told it means something different, the history of the ideology is undeniable. Conservatism is meant to protect, sustain, support, and preserve White people, in particular, White men.

I don’t understand how folks compartmentalize their ideologies, but then again, that’s just how most White people operate. They’re always trying to make the senseless make sense and always in need of more evidence for the obvious. White folks will excuse away anything and everything so they can be right and justify their actions. This Kasich pick falls into that category. Biden and Kasich show at the convention reflect and represent an opposition to change. We have a platform of Democratic conservatism on the ballot in November.

Biden and the Democratic Party have hitched their horse to Kasich and the Republican Party’s racist wagon and they are getting ready to work overtime to convince little ole Black me that conservatism means something other than what it is at its core. It will not work.

Knowing what I know about American politics, American history, White people, Southern Strategy politics, and the Republican Party, I find it impossible to trust someone still willing to hold on to to the Republican Party or Conservatism because neither one of those things means me, my family or anyone Black any good. The two old white men bring the two old racists and two trifling political parties together representing the same old thing America has been offering Black and Brown folks since 1866, and that’s insulations from change, traditionalism, and White power.

If conservatism means what it means, and if the Republican Party continues to stand for what it stands for, I have no choice but to draw a line in the sand with Biden and Democratic Party. The Republican Party is trying to kill us gaslighting all the way, and I see no need in befriending people who want me and my children dead. I think asking us to befriend our abusers is abuse. Joe Biden insults and aids in abusing the very people who helped him get to the big dance. They do not understand what they’ve done to their loyal Black base, who are tired of waiting on liberal and moderate Whites to change. The Democratic Party is setting itself up for an enormous loss.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Is The Democratic Party Really Better?

Biden’s disastrous decision is some typical White man, mano-y-mano bullshit with no regard for the people the Republican Party is trying to harm or the very Black folks that made Joe Biden’s candidacy possible. Make no bones about it, Joe Biden is racist as shit, he just doesn’t know he’s racist because White folks have a different definition and interpretation of what racism is and what it looks like when they are liberal or progressive. Biden’s decision is what liberal white supremacy looks like.

Now I expect Biden to mixup in his white supremacy from time to time. He can’t help it. Our system doesn’t really allow you to opt-out of it. But it’s the boldness of inviting Kasich to speak at the Democratic Party’s Convention that causes me to hate and distrust both political parties. Biden is playing “both sides” politics by choosing to center physically White people as he pacifies Black and Brown people with hope and words. Both Biden and Kasich have the same interests, and that’s using white power to serve the interests of White people.

Why wipe the faces of Black and Brown Democratic and Democratic-leaning Independents with a John Kasich speech at the Democratic National Convention? Why are Biden and the Democratic party giving a platform to a man was a part of a political party hell-bent on harming Black and Brown folks for the past 56 years or 400 years depending on how you count the years?

How do I, a Black woman and a descendant of slaves, reconcile with the fact this nation has two political parties willing to disregard for my humanity to maintain America’s most prized institution, white supremacy? I can’t and I won’t. I am so tired of America and white people’s poor decision-making skills with matters of racism and inequality. Why is it so fucking hard for White people to make their words and their actions align? Why is it so difficult for White people to completely cut ties with problematic affiliations and take responsibility for their harmful supremacist actions?

With a Kasich speech at the Democratic Convention, we are allowing the leopard to change its spots yet again with no apology or accountability. Kasich gets to say he sees the error of his evil ways now, and suddenly he gets to be on the right side of history — let racist bygones be racist bygones.

Fuck that. White people need to learn how to atone properly. Apologize properly. Sit with their terrible choices for longer than a few days. White people need to stop rewarding White people with safe platforms, new gigs, and grace for harming us. It’s not your fucking place. It’s not right. It’s not your job. We should be the ones to determine when reformed racists are allowed under our tent. Our safety comes first. Reformed racists and supremacist sympathizers need to suffer consequences just like non-White people do when we screw up. People like Kasich and Biden need to understand we ain’t moving on until they learn from their mistakes.

Joe Biden is shaping up to be just like the rest of white folks in the Last Stand of the White Man gang. Biden’s pick ensures a white man’s legacy, trumps a Black man’s or woman’s trauma. Black people took a chance on him after having warned America about Republicans and Trump in 2016, here is Biden playing savior to a party of racist people willing to burn their country down to ensure they can have the freedom to terrorize, hate, oppress, kill, and withhold resources from because they believe only White lives matter. The Democratic Party will have to contend with its own racism in 2020.

The Devil I Know

I knew Biden would pander to White Republicans, also called Working-Class voters. I knew he would bullshit us all until November with his white man saving us persona. I had no clue Biden would be as insensitive as to give a platform to the party trying to destroy America. How hard is it to hold it in the road until November? Biden yet again lives up to his “gaffe machine” title.

I’m not forgiving or forgetting shit. We are at a turning point in America. If we continue forgiving and forgetting the sins of White men, they’ll keep screwing us over. I’m over that shit from both sides of the political system. After the blatant disrespect of Biden, I’m seriously considering voting down-ballot in November. The national Democratic Party apparently enjoys losing. No need to waste my time helping people who won’t help themselves. The party is just as addicted and dedicated to White supremacy as Republicans are.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are too White-centered to understand who is being hurt by both parties the most, who has been neglected the most, disrespected the longest, and who has the most to lose if the nominee or the party makes the wrong move. Why should we Black and Brown folks keep voting for White candidates and white-centered parties who don’t give a shit about us? Why should we ignore it appears there is no bottom too low, no action too horrific, no policy too terrible to ignore for White men to forgive White men?

Biden asking Kasich to speak at the national convention is asking Black people to ignore his decades-long support of policies that have harmed us or the very foundation of the Modern Republican party post-Dixiecrat defection of the Democratic Party (Google Dixiecrats, the Civil Rights Era, Desegregation, and Southern Strategy Politics).

The Democratic Party, and in particular Joe Biden continues to cozy up with racists to make it appear as if they are reaching across the aisle, with no idea of the day-to-day ramifications of how those actions harm the very people they claim they are elected to serve. I’m tired of being asked to forgive white people who intentionally harm me and other Black and Brown people because I have no more fucking cheeks to give. I’m tired of being asked to forget a White man or woman’s past and poor decision-making skills because they either have motives and aspirations or because suddenly have a conscience.

Biden asking Kasich to speak at the Democratic Convention is asking people who have saved Biden’s political career not once but twice to just forget about all that has happened to us. Forget about where we are now. Forget the police brutality and killing I see today. Forget an overtly racist, Nazism practicing Republican President and Administration. Black people are just supposed to forget everything we’ve witnessed in America since the Reagan Era, set aside the damage White men have done to this country, and believe now Kasich is somehow a good man.

I was born one night, but it wasn’t last night!

I’m not forgiving or forgetting anything Kasich has been associated with because it all matters. Kasich, a former Republican Governor, was privy to most all the local, state, and national strategies the Republican Party were planning to achieve this chaotic moment we’re in today, and he wants us to believe he did nothing to contribute to this. If he gave Republicans one stinking dollar, he helped their evil agendas. Kasich allowed America go down this dark, undemocratic road and stayed the course until the shit show got so bad until so many people started dying, until so many millions of people lost their jobs, until COVID-19, until he couldn’t take it anymore.

Now he wants his wings so he can ascend into heaven.

Kasich used us as sacrificial lambs to further his career. The Republican Party will be mud for a generation when Trump and his administration are done. Kasich has seen the writing on the wall and wants out. We have no idea how much money Kasich has made from allowing America to become an even shittier shithole country, but you can bet he has benefitted socially and financially from being affiliated with the “Last Stand of the White Man” gang. Biden and the Democratic Party are asking us to ignore this, but I will not. This is exactly how White Supremacy uses its magical powers to tangle us all up in our underwear to make the same ludicrous mistakes repeatedly. The Democratic Party will make us think we’re crazy because their messages are inconsistent.

It feels like 2016 deja vu with the Hillary Clinton candidacy all over again. The Democratic Party, acting on behalf of its own White supremacy, ignored the concerns of Black voters, causing a significant number of the base to either stay home or vote third-party. This year is shaping up to be the same. Even if Kasich has decided he’s becoming a Democrat, who in the fuck cares? The damage to America, specifically Black America, has already been done. I’m exhausted from White folks not having the ability to see how their political choices both personal and political harm non-White people and themselves.

I’m tired of saving America, and I’m damned sure tired of cleaning up messes racist and selfish white people made. Apathetic, idiotic, and racist White people did this to America along with ignorant Black and prejudice Brown folks helped the Republican party dismantle America.

Black people are some of the most loyal people. We are America’s moral compasses. We attempt to hold America accountable. Even good so-called liberal and progressive Democrats turn their backs on the party to satisfy their cravings of white supremacy, Black people have been there faithfully. What 2020 is becoming clearer to me is just how disconnected and out of touch from reality, a lot of White people are. I don’t have time to help another White man achieve his dreams and aspirations while they work on killing me.

I have no more to love to give. A lot of Black people feel the same way. Biden’s pick of Kasich was a bad move. As we say in the Black community, he gonna learn today — and he will.

Biden and the Democratic Party better learn how to be to support Black folks properly and treat us with the respect and reverence we deserve, and if they can’t they better start fixing their own messes. Black folks didn’t break America in this position, White folks did. Don’t think you can call up Black folks with the going gets tough to be your mammies and maids, then turn around and reward reformed white terrorists with platforms and attention when the sinking sands are no more. I’m done supporting people who don’t support Black people. If your words and your actions don’t align, you can never be a good friend of mine.

We can do bad all by ourselves. Black people have in the past, and we will likely continue to do so because white people will place their own legacies before our traumas — almost every time. What doesn’t kill us will only strengthen us.

If you’re looking for the Democratic Party to save us Black folks, they won’t. The Democratic Party is too intertwined in conservatism themselves. The old guard is too stuck in the past and too dedicated to preserving the old illusion of working together to commit to fighting for the change Black people and people of color need to see to believe. It’s time for the old regime of the Democratic Party to vacate the premises. With Kasich the party has proven yet again they are vested in the past, unwilling or incapable of embracing the browning of America. We’ve paid our dues to them, it’s time for them to reward us.

If the old regime won’t vacate the national Democratic Party, maybe we Black folks should just abandon it.

Maybe we’ve outgrown each other, and that’s okay.

Marley K in Quarantine 2020

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