Why Racists Should Not Be Called Patriots

We need to clearly define White Nationalism and national pride. America’s marriage of the two make it possible for POCs to be patriots. An essay on America racism and patriotism.

Why Racists Should Not Be Called Patriots
Racist in Chief. Source

Overt Racism is in Style Again

The draft dodging, orange Racist-in-Chief said the people of North Carolina who attended his Klan rally on last week and captured on film were chanting “send her back” in response to the President’s Twitter assault on the four Congresswomen of Color. Instead of reprimanding racist citizens and protecting all people, warmonger Trump called the unapologetic racists “incredible patriots.” Trump muddies the water with his hypocrisies by saying Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is anti-Semitic, failing to acknowledge his own White male followers are the real anti-Semites walking around America saying “Jews will not replace us.” If that isn’t anti-Semitic, I don’t know what is.

White people can speak out against White men and Jews without punishment. There is no punishment for White, male anti-Semites in Trump’s Klansmen chanting anti-Semitic views. They too get the glorious labeling of being patriots. We’ve now combined patriotism with racism, and that’s dangerous for all People of Color.

Racists Are Now Patriots

I am amazed that World War II Veterans, Gulf War and Desert Storm vets, Iraq and Afghanistan vets, and veterans from other conflicts such as Vietnam would allow the draft dodger to include himself as a patriot. Trump didn’t earn the right to be called a patriot. That coward shouldn’t be given such a title. It seems racism is a stronger reason to hate for veterans who support Trump than draft dodging. Vets’ love of Trump causes me to question patriotism.

Racists in America have now been deemed “patriots” by the Grand Wizard of the New KKK before the entire world. The message sent is that if you’re not White, Christian, and male and married to a White/Anglo woman, and know how to pretend you don’t know racist statements when you hear or speak them, you, my friend, are a patriot. We allow White men to criticize America whenever and however they feel like it. White men also have all the rights and freedoms to criticize, threaten, and harm Blacks and other Women of Color who attempt to exercise their right to criticize the nation. Each day we allow Trump to remain in office is another day we reveal the true America. He needs to go.

America is and always has been a racist nation, and its always had double-standards with the rights, freedoms, and liberties of Blacks, any other nationality immigrating here. American patriotism is deeply and definitively rooted in racism. Trump just speaks what all of us have always known. That type of patriotism has been a secret most White folks would never speak aloud. The Grand Wizard of America has normalized racism and hate, while confirming Black Americans worst fears. We are under attack. We cannot criticize America. And we are not American despite America not living up to its promises.

Racism Is a Distraction

Trump sweeps all of America’s racist cracks and crevices to distract from his juvenile ineptitude. He distracts us with race to cover his criminality and his siphoning of public funds into his private coffers.

Racists know how to keep us divided. Television entertainers know how to divide us. What makes our Grand Wizard in Chief so dangerous is that he’s both. He’s armed with the bully pulpit of the Presidency, plenty of ignorance, his racism, and his grasp of how to disarm and wow people who are hypnotized by entertainment. He deflected to the four Congresswomen to distract us from other things. By the time we figure out what he’s hiding (if ever), he will have started another distraction. Your President’s a classic narcissists and they are the masters of gaslighting. Trump’s racism while important, is not the thing we need to focus on. Pay attention to what he doesn’t say and doesn’t address. Watch his racist, unpatriotic actions.

Only White Men Can Criticize America

The President said no one should criticize the United States while “he” is President, but he had no problem criticizing President Obama his entire presidency and well into his own disastrous tenure. Trump also criticized President G.W. Bush, and even our nation’s military. Trump can criticize whom ever he wants, whenever he wants and how often he wants while White people in America have the right and freedom to criticize our country, our leaders, and our unfair systems when they see fit. Why the double standards? Why can’t Blacks and other dissatisfied non-White people express their dissatisfaction with America?

We can’t express our displeasure because America has never recognized us as citizens and we’ve never been extended equal rights. Inequity is the American way. Calling racists patriots is a way of maintaining the status quo. It’s a continuation of America’s most prevalent yet invisible policy:

If it’s White, it’s right.

When we Black and Brown women complain about our country (yes, it’s ours too), Trump and his Klan tells us we need to go back to where we came from (for most of us our shit hole country is America). Why doesn’t Trump should go back to Germany, home of his racist, Jew killing ancestors, right? He doesn’t love America or the values this nation espouses via the Constitution. Besides, the Germans love him. They love him so much they put him on the cover of the country’s top magazine with the Nazi salute.

German magazine depicts Trump doing Nazi salute
German magazine Stern shows Trump doing Nazi salute The President is also draped in an American flag while doing the…

The message is loud and clear, and White people, including our media, need to finally wake up to our reality. We’ve been flashing red sirens since 2007 about White nationalism linked to White patriotism, and finally, finally — White people are ready to come to this same conclusion. Why does it take Whiteness so long to see and understand racism? It seems only global shame moves them. If shaming is the only thing that moves White America and our media, we are up the creek without a paddle. Things will get worse for our nation before they get better if we don’t realize the moment we’re in and do something about it.

Trump has revealed the truth of American. Our nation’s leader is a racist. I’m tired of White people asking questions and trying to differentiate between racist actions and being a racist. Trump supporters make it clear for the deaf and blind. Own it. Your denial is consent to racist fake patriots to continue being a racist in a nation of immigrants. If anyone should leave, it’s White people. American Indians inhabited America before the first Europeans or Spaniards so-called “conquered” this continent.

Instead of going to Trump rallies, his followers should go to the library and read some books to learn who the real immigrants are.

American Patriotism and Racism Are Married

I have always associated patriotism in America with people with White skin and those who co-sign White Supremacy. Our nation’s definition of patriotism is racist, because patriotism is about Whiteness. Every example of American patriotism is associated with White views of White patriotism. Just Google patriotism, then click on images. Nearly every photo you find shows White people (White men, women, and children) and all the symbolism associated with White patriotism. Heck, even Uncle Sam, the symbol used to recruit volunteers to join our military, is White! Everything representing American patriotism is centered around Whiteness.

patriotism — Google Search
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Optics is everything and for far too long America hasn’t really cared what patriotism looks like for Black and Brown people born here, and non-White immigrants. It’s out in the open now. Can we finally deal with it? Patriotism and racism go hand in hand. The two sadly are inseparable.

American patriotism is the feeling of love or sense of pride and devotion Whites have for America, a sense of attachment to the American Indian’s homeland, and those who share the same sentiment.

Patriots can now be overtly racist. Trump has been around the block enough times and is old enough to know that what he said is racist. He knows he’s stoking old fires. It’s intentional. Now that we know, we must prepare accordingly.

A race war is on the horizon in America, and I hope Blacks, People of Color who don’t support racism, and our allies are ready. The racist, fascist, fake patriots will not save us. They love America so much they’ll let it burn instead of putting out the fire they started. We aren’t supposed to be afraid of our leaders. I fear Trump. He doesn’t represent all the people in America. He’s the President of over White racist and those who agree with him. Racism isn’t patriotism.

The President of the United States is anti-American, and unpatriotic. I hope we are ready for the consequences of his presidency.

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