Why The Impeachment Trial Is An Indictment of White People

All of America’s White sins were on display for the world to see.

Why The Impeachment Trial Is An Indictment of White People

All of America’s White sins were on display for the world to see.

Patrick Leahy signs summons for the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Source: Instagram

I have watched the 2nd Impeachment Trial on and off all week, and all I could think about was how Trump’s trial is in an indictment of Whiteness. Trump’s acquittal was the icing on the cake. My takeaways.

The Trail Highlighted The White Violence America Has Ignored For Centuries

America has ignored White violence for centuries, allowing racist White people to grow more violent, to gather more frequently, to infiltrate systems to act out on their violent fetishes, and to condone White violence at the lowest levels of our society. From school shootings to lynchings, America is a violent nation and it's undeniable. This nation has more people now than this nation has ever had in its history, yet we’re ruled by-laws, rules, and traditions dating back to the 1400s. Our laws haven’t kept up with the growth and evolution of White Supremacy and White violence. The Impeachment Trial is a natural progression of White violence on steroids uncontrolled.

White Mediocrity Was On Full Display

Trump’s defense team was the most mediocre motherfuckers ever. They couldn’t represent a loaf of bread in a bread shelf trial and the entire world got to see it. Of course White, no-college onlookers will think Trump’s mediocre White male attorneys did great. They see themselves on trial. They see themselves in those racist White attorneys too. But the fact they’d get up and argue the trash facts so racistly, it’s shocking.

The Trial Showed How Whiteness Sticks Together In All Its Wrongness

White GOP Senators and Representatives, with the exception of the few who are half-way trying to do right, are sticking together with Trump in all his wrong and all his racism. White people do this shit all the time although they don’t believe they do. Turning your head and looking the other way, engaging in whataboutism, lying for your White friends, getting dirty money together, being racists, forgetting the law when it benefits you and your dirty crew of White bandits, and stomping on the rights and privileges of Black and Brown folks. If allies wanna see what we see when we see most White people without a proven track record of looking and sounds anti-White, watch the GOP at work. I don’t care how good you believe you are, you have or will engage in sticking together for White people.

The Impeachment Trial and the events leading up to it highlight how White people stick together. Even the good White folks who sit on the sidelines and do nothing while the other White people tear the club up. You’re still sticking together doing nothing.

Even During The Trial, Racism Was Used

Trump's Impeachment Trial is symbolic of all the types of racism White people engage in at any old time. From the ugly insurrection symbols and sounds to the defense’s racist video loaded with Black and Brown people, White folks’ love affair with racism and their anti-Blackness was on display. We saw how Black women's words were weaponized we knew Rep. Maxine Waters, Stacy Abrams, and Rep. Shiela Jackson would be used to make Tang’s weak-ass case. Senator Harris was used. Breonna Taylor's name was invoked and she was long dead before an insurrection had ever happened. Racism led to her death and the cover-up of her death.

George Floyd’s death was dragged into the impeachment. Racism led to his death. Trump’s racist defense decided to blame a dead man who was nowhere near the insurrection because he’d been dead for months. Racism loves blaming victims. To top it all off, the defense even used the word Negro in what I’m almost certain is a dog whistle for the GOP base:

Unnecessary negros tossed around in 2021 at the Impeachment Hearing. Source: Twitter @simplechar

You can’t even make this stuff up. White people are shamefully racist and are absolutely incapable of doing anything about it. The Impeachment Trial highlighted all of it.

The Smugness of Whiteness Was In The House

The Impeachment Trial highlighted Senator Rand Paul not wearing a mask. e saw Senator Josh Hawley being his usual Ivy League arrogant asshole self. We looked on at Senator Ted Cruz looking a hot mess, being a hot mess, and stewing in a hot mess. Even when White people are wrong, their arrogance and smugness work in an effort to cover their racist ways. White people will use their smugness to get out of almost everything.

Impartial Justice Is Impossible In America

The entire justice system is racist. The fact we can’t even get an impartial jury of White people to convict a White man we all saw incite an insurrection and lived the lead up to it is an indictment on White Supremacy. It looks an feels like when White folks would bomb our churches, lynch innocent Black men and women, find the White folks that did it, have a trial, and find the White men innocent, denying justice to Black families harmed. The lack of justice in this nation makes it dangerous. America is not a democracy. Black people live in an authoritarian regime. White people have a democracy. Truth be told, White people don’t have a democracy anymore either.

Whataboutism Was Trendy

White whataboutism was on front street during the defense part of the Impeachment Trial. The things White people bring up instead of taking responsibility for racism, the deflection, the excuses, the victim-blaming, if you’re white and this is what you do when Black folks call out your racism, this is what you looked and sounded like. Whataboutism what pretty much Trump’s legal team’s defense. It looked ridiculous, it sounded ridiculous, and it was ridiculous. Whataboutism in defense of racism is foolish, but it’s what so many White people do. Watch Trump’s defense team using White folks’ favorite deflection tool.

I hope it gives you White readers food for thought. Every tool Trump’s legal team employed are the tools of White Supremacy used against us minorities and non-White folks when we try to hold White people accountable for racism. He didn’t do anything Whiteness didn’t teach him to do. Think about that.

The Bar Is So Low For White People

White people it seems can get away with anything and still be okay. Plan and carry out an insurrection, they are okay. Racist MAGAs that breached the Capital are out on bail, going to retreats in Mexico, and getting home confinement instead of revoked bails because they are a danger to the nation. As for Trump, he’s at his golf resort with all the lovely perks afforded decent, non-treasonous Presidents after serving honorably. No criminal charges have been announced yet. He was allowed to remain in office and fly away in all of our taxpayer-funded shit after he literally tried to prevent the transfer of power. Trump’s attorneys are crappy. His defense is crappy. The GOP excuses are shitty. Like, they all just do anything and White people keep voting these people into power. The bar is so low for White people. Like, in hell.

Deflection Was Trump’s Protection

Trump’s legal team deflected more than Wonder Woman dodging bullets. Every time there was a legitimate accusation lodged against Trump with proof, Trump’s legal team deflected. The GOP helped. White GOP politicians helped protect their orange lord and savior with deflection. It’s another tool in White Supremacy’s arsenal used by White people everywhere when they are just wrong. Antifa, twisting the words of Senators, using photos of violence from other events, etc., Trump’s white man’s defense team showed up and showed out with the deflection tactics. White people will deflect when all else fails. Anything to avoid feeling shame for what they’ve done, they’ll do it.

The Bully Turned Into The Victim

White people gave us a master-class in how they turned themselves into the victims when they are actually the perpetrators of the racist crimes. Trump’s legal team did all they could to make him out to be the victim. The real victims are sane folks everywhere, those who would never think of killing people, Blacks and minorities, and Biden voters who voted for America. White folks know how to be victims, and they are experts in reverse psychology. When backed into a corner with the truth, White folks will become the victim.

The Impeachment Trial Ignored The Real Victims

Black and Brown voters were the real victims here, but somehow, the entire trial has managed to center Trump and racist White MAGAs instead of the President and his party trying to disenfranchise voters. White people have a way of making themselves the victims and ignoring the real victims. If you wanna know why we can’t get anywhere with race relations in this nation, you’ve seen it on trial this week. White people make themselves the victims in most racist situations and matters of White violence as a result of racism and their lack of emotional intelligence. White people have perfected ignoring the real victims of racism.

The Impeachment Trial Highlights How White Jurors Deny Us Justice

Throughout history, Black people haven’t denied justice for White violence and disenfranchisement we’ve endured because our nation’s White Supremacist systems deny us of it. Well, White people are getting ready to see just how that shit feels when White jurors can see a crime and vote to acquit motherfuckers who are guilty as hell. Most times, all White juries rule in favor of Whiteness in all of its wrongness. That’s what is likely to happen with Trump’s Impeachment Trial. While I want justice like the next man, I must admit I smirk watching White folks squirming at the possibility of not getting justice for the crimes and violence Trump incited. That feeling you have in your gut right now, I want you to remember how that shit feels. It’s exactly what Black people have felt like for 400-plus years. For every lynching that wasn’t prosecuted, that’ how we feel.

For every child that was sexually molested not prosecuted by a grown-ass Customs and Border Patrol or ICE Officer and their parent can’t get justice for them, that’s how we feel. For every Black person killed by a racist cop claiming self-defense and covered by fraternal orders or jacked up laws, that feeling you have right now, that’s how we feel. White people deny other people justice all the time. Now is your time to take your medicine.

Trump was acquitted today by his White peers and the whole world saw it. How does it feel?

I know. I know.

Black people already know how you feel.

We Black folks also told ya so, but you won’t listen and you won’t allow us to lead.

The Lesson

The Impeachment Trial is a lesson in how White Supremacy works and rules America. Every system in this country is designed to preserve Whiteness, which is why I could give two fucks about America collapsing. Nothing gets better for us Black and Brown folks, no matter who has the power. We get racism or racism lite, never racism-free. So, who cares about what happens.

White people keep selling us their optimism when we’ve already seen the same movie for 400-years. It’s insulting to keep telling us to wait on White people to get “it.” White people don’t wanna get it. Getting it means they’d have to change. They don’t want to change. White Supremacy is an institution in our nation and White people keep it alive.

I’m not saying my White readers shouldn’t be angry about the trial or the outcome of it. This insurrection has been a hard pill to swallow for all of us. I want White readers to think about the people who experienced similar White violence while you likely sat on the sidelines. Think about your favorite White politicians who prevent justice. Think about all the White people who get off and go free because White people work together to protect other White people, even when they are wrong. They protect them even when they kill. White people protect each other as they collaborate as co-conspirators of White Supremacy, even if it means non-White people are harmed physically, financially, mentally, or emotionally.

White Supremacy is a savage bitch!

The Impeachment Trial is an indictment of Whiteness. It’s shameful. America is an international embarrassment now. We can’t tell anyone about democracy. We don’t have one ourselves. We’ve never had one. America is here because White people refuse to deal with racism.

Your White apathy got us here.

White optimism got us here.

Sweeping racism under the rug got us here.

Whataboutism got us here.

Deflection got us here.

White smugness got us here.

Not listening to Black and Native American people got us here.

Everything we’re experiencing in America was avoidable, but White people, the ruling group of this country, chose the easy way out.

They chose to bury their heads in the sand.

What do you have to say for yourselves? I really want to know. Whatever it is, please don’t let it be anything about me or Black people. This is a white mess created by White people. The only conversations in this comment need to be about how White people let America down. It’s not a party problem, it’s a White Supremacy problem.

We have a White people problem. All of you are problems. If you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s too late.

This nation is a wrap. The next coup is being planned as we speak. What are you going to do about it?

Marley K. 2021

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