Why We Need Contact Tracing For All Racists

We need to retrace every racist’s steps to find out who they have harmed and what they have destroyed.

Why We Need Contact Tracing For All Racists

We need to retrace every racist’s steps to find out who they have harmed and what they have destroyed.

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Racism Destroys

Racists are as dangerous and as deadly as incurable diseases and highly communicable viruses. The impact of racism can be literally life-altering. It can even lead to death, maiming, disfigurement, poverty, illiteracy, missed opportunities, and psychological issues in both victims and perpetrators.

Often when Black people and people of color have such life-altering experiences, we don’t know the exact thing or set of circumstances that set those life-altering wheels in motion.

Likewise, for White people coming to terms with the fact they might be racist but they believe in their hearts they aren’t.

Some types of racist interactions experienced are short-lived, kind of like the pink-eye. You’re infected for a while by the racist incident, you’re able to find a remedy for the intrusion. You’re able to heal with minimal scarring and be mostly well again. You never forget the time you had pink eye, or the flu, poison ivy, a bad case of the chiggers (I have had this twice and I will never forget the experiences), chickenpox as a kid, or your first sexually transmitted infection if you’ve ever had such a misfortune. You know where you got it, and you immediately work on getting ride of those things if possible, or at least making yourself comfortable until the virus or infection leaves your body.

We need to track the pathology of racists to study the causes and effects of white supremacy, racism, and microaggressions. America has invested a lot of money to study plenty of stupid shit, like why women don’t like men who own cats (WTF). We should invest in learning the racist person’s mind and pathology so we can cure that shit. It’s literally destroyed this nation how many times now already? You’d think White people would want to fix this before the walls come tumbling down and the workers leave for better shores, and trust me, that’s not what you want White people. White people (or perhaps non-White people) need to work to determine what’s wrong with White people where they use racism like serial killers use weapons to harm and injure people.

Because racism is unofficially a public health crisis, it should have the same resources dedicated to it that other infectious diseases have to end it. You can’t fix the problem if you do nothing about it, and White folks haven’t worked nearly as hard to stop racism as they have to perpetuate and maintain it. Contact tracing is essential in combating racism. You cannot contain the source of this deadly virus if you don’t trace it.

We Need Tracing To Determine The Amount of Damage Done

Contact tracing when people are discovered to be racist is important for several reasons. For one, like with the victimization by rapists and child predators, there is rarely just a onetime occurrence. We only discovered the garden variety racist because we caught them committing their most recent racist infraction. America needs a centralized method for determining how much damage each person has done engaging in racism, and a price needs to be put on it. This would be helpful for any and all discussions regarding reparations. White people are intentionally undervaluing the ways racism harms and costs Blacks and people of color. If there was contact tracing to determine the ways racism has harmed the individual, family, community, perhaps White people would be more likely to change their behavior. They too pay indirectly for the racism of others with higher property taxes, more crime in communities, and the stress of worrying about maintaining inequity is one they rarely consider.

The public needs to know how long and strong racists have been acting racistly, and the racists needs to see all the people they have injured over their lifetimes. I’m talking about good White people too. If they’ve harmed someone with their racist actions directly, indirectly, intentionally, or otherwise, we need to know about it and the person committing the infraction does to. For those undergoing anti-racism life changes, they need this something like this desperately. Racists will never know how much pain, hurt, or financial loss they cause if there is no tracing done.

All racists all need to pay for their actions. The burdens of all forms of racism should cease from falling onto the shoulders of victims. It’s rare that racist are punished. Physical and mental-illnesses, job losses, opportunities deferred, even death makes racism the premier White-skin crime White people (and sometimes People of Color) can commit and get away with. If we could conduct contact tracing and inform victims who may have been injured to give witness statements, perhaps we can prevent others from being harmed. Racism is toxic and it scars most of us for life.

We Need Tracing To Determine How Long Racists Have Been Racist

We need to trace the racist footprints of all American racists to see just how long they’ve been engaging in racists behaviors and harming people, especially when said racists have positions of power. The longer a person has been free to be racist unencumbered, the more people they’ve likely harmed or even killed in depending on their line of work (i.e. policing, health care, city planning, environmental departments, etc.). They also breed. Lord knows they love to have children to carry on their racist bloodlines and heritages as if they are some type of royalty. Racists are plentiful in America, and it’s not by accident. We need to know where the future racists are so that we can ensure they receive racist education in their communities. No racist left behind.

And another thing. Racists don’t just wake up one day and start being racists. There is an entire community and system working to help these people be successful at being racist. Contact tracing should lead to other discovering helping us all better understand how racists can survive and thrive undetected, most times freely, to harm innocent people just trying to live.

Tracing Can Help Determine When Racism Began and When It Ends

Too often, racists get caught (maybe), they lose whatever (hardly ever), go to jail (never), etc., and that’s it, the story of racist just ends. Contact tracing of racists would allow us to learn more about these vile folks or in the least their vile acts. I’d like to know who started teaching racist adults to be racist. I want the “who, what, when, why, and how of it all.” Getting to the root of racism would allow white people and other groups who engage in racism and anti-Blackness to see themselves for what and who they truly are.

Tracing racist roots would allow us to get a picture into the lives of all sorts and varieties of racists. Rich, poor, educated, poorly educated, dumb as rocks, White, POC, we’d learn so much about the variations of racism embedded in our national culture. Tracing racist roots is not just for the ones who call a Black woman a nigger in the store before she’s bopped in the mouth by said, fed-up Black woman, but those other kinds of racist who get away with their behavior because there is little oversight, the infractions are microaggressions, and they have been woven into the fabric of America. We could keep racists from holding public office too. They do the most damage to marginalized communities. White people elect racists to public office like they eat Tic-Tacs. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life. Their blindness towards Whiteness is limitless.

We need contact tracing for the White people love to interrogate Black people because they believe they have the right to. Who told them they were undeputized detectives? The same applies for the White people who think they have the freedom to police Black and Brown bodies the way their ancestors did, the ones who tone police, and the ones calls us niggers in the cars during road rage incidents believing they’ll never be discovered. Why do they believe they may question otherness? Why are they in charge of determining who should be in certain spaces? Why are there even White spaces to begin with for them to police? Contact tracing on these individuals would help us all see just how deep-seated an individual’s racism is.

We Need Tracing To Remedy Racism

Racism needs a cure as fast as we need one for the corona-virus, all cancers, and HIV. Racism is toxic. Racism destroys the minds, bodies, and souls of not only the victims but also the perpetrators of racism. Ever seen the faces and bodies of poor people who hate? Just look at the lines of folks waiting to get into Trump rallies. Enough said. We can never develop a remedy (cure/treatment) for racism if it’s not traced and studied. White people have been in charge for what the world has studied in America since forever. The winners of the wars have done a terrible job looking at themselves to find out what’s wrong with them.

Racism is an incurable disease because white people have not attempted to fix themselves and they’ve refused to take advice and help from others. White people collectively are the ultimate bad patients, a physician’s worst nightmare, the patient you cannot heal no matter how hard you try. Racism doesn’t harm White people directly, so they aren’t in a rush to do anything about it. The Black and Brown delegation are sick and tired of racism, as are other ethnic minorities. While we desire an immediate resolution, we know that will never happen as long as White people are in power.

We can start by following the paths of all racists, no matter how miniscule white folks believe their racist infractions are. What they believe is 50% of the problem. They need to be proven wrong, with the same science they love to demand others present to make our cases.

Because white American people aren’t impacted by their racism (those are the only people I’m referring to in this thought), they are incapable of determining what is and what is not racist. Contact tracing is for them (and us). White people shouldn’t be allowed to engage in tracing crimes they may commit because they are incapable of seeing the bad in themselves most times.

Minorities know how white people judge. Just look at the criminal justice system. From policing, to judges, to all-white juries, to acquitting people white folks they have deemed worthy of second chances, white people have shown us over the past 400 years their moral compasses are broken.

America can’t fix its racism issues when most racist offenders get the privilege of being ignorant, racist, and excused for being both. All White people are guilty of allowing white folks’ ignorance be an excuse to tolerate or forgive their racism. Just look at your family tree and how you’re just waking up about it. Now look where it has gotten us. There are the dynamics that should be traced, studied and addressed. Why are some White folks in a family racist while others are not? We need to know why.

We Need To Track Individuals Who Hate

We need a national racism contact tracing system heavily staffed and funded the same way we fund our never-ending wars. In the same way the Southern Poverty Law Center tracks hate groups, we need to track racist individuals too. It’s the same urgency and energy we need white America to have about ending racism. America is about to fall, and it’s going to be the faults of the people who have ruled for the last four-hundred years. Anti-racism must become something America is heavily vested in in order for this crippled country to survive. Contact tracing for racism must be interwoven into our systems and throughout our society if we are to survive, along with all the ugly history White people hate to read about. White people can no longer pretend evil doesn’t exist in our neighborhoods, families, and friend circles any longer. You all know your racist people are a danger to society. We Black and Brown folks need to know too.

We can’t stop people from being harmed if we don’t know who is out in land being racist or in the least actin racistly occasionally. We need to know who they are, where they are, how they are spreading their hate, their preferred method of being racist, etc. There also needs to be national monitoring to make sure these racist aren’t able to hop all over the world to injure unsuspecting victims. Racist shouldn’t be able to cross state lines to kill and hate the way they do. White folks uphold their rights to be racist and call it free speech. I’m tired of living with protected White hate. So are other minorities.

No one should be able to be racist and be free to go off and be racist another day. It’s the equivalent of someone asymptomatic having an STD or HIV and having unprotected sex with any and everyone they feel like harming.

Unchecked racism works the same way.

We can never end racism if we can never get a complete picture of how rampant racism is in our society, how many people engage in it daily, what it looks like, the frequency of occurrences, etc.

Contact tracing is would be a long-term study to see exactly how racism works in real-time, to determine who has been harmed by it, and to study the impact (short-term, mid-term, long-term, financial, health, psychological, physiological, etc.). Contact tracing could also monitor future interactions with racists to ensure prescribed remedies or treatments are working, and so no one else has to endure the injuries, burdens, and costs associated with coming in contact with racists. Evil never tires. Some will reform on their own. Others need policing. We cannot allow these crazies to galavant and destroy the world like we are now. They must be contained, monitored, and some likely should be destroyed. If all a person can ever produce is harm, injuries, and destruction, we need to monitor them the way we monitor our national enemies. In fact, racist are national enemies and threats pose threats to national security. Just think, America was brought to its knees by our adversaries because they understand how to weaponize the hate of White people and their fear of otherness. Psychological warfare worked on White people. The rest of us are paying a price for it.

If I was White, I’d feel pretty simple right now. The lack of self-awareness, the smugness, and the ability to live with hate so comfortably and apathetically has eaten this country alive from the inside and out.

It’s time for white people in America to understand the effects of racism has on our society. White people don’t understand the everyday ways white supremacy harms Blacks and people of color. Contact tracing would be the undeniable proof they need, enabling them to see themselves as racist and to mull over the harm they’ve done. They also could make an informed decision on whether they want to change or be placed away from the general population and minorities so not to infect the rest of us with their hate. Racism isn’t a face-less crime. Contact tracing would erase the anonymity and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

There are no disadvantages to contact tracing. It would enhance public health, create lots of jobs, and protect the health of populations in desperate need of protection. If America is to move forward, we must know who are enemies are. We must know who we can’t trust. We must trace, locate, and isolate racists until we cure them of their defective state, or permanently banished from the general population. If they are no good to society, why allow them to flourish and kill everything around them.

Tracing and containing racism is the only thing that can make America great. Anything short of that is just making a sandwich out of shit, and we all know there is nothing great about that.

Marley K. in Quarantine 2020 — until…Lord only knows

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