Why White People Being Concerned About Looting Is Racist

No people in modern history have looted the world more than White and European people. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

Why White People Being Concerned About Looting Is Racist

Why White People Concerned About Black People Looting Is Racist

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White People Are The Biggest Looters

As this raggedy, racist nation goes through another period of civil unrest because of racism and White Supremacy, all I hear are calls and complaints from White people, White leaders, and White media personalities about people looting. White people are always concerned about the wrong shit. This train is never late, but since it’s pulled up to the station, I will share my thoughts on it.

Worrying about Black people looting right now is ignorant and it’s racist! We tried to peacefully take a knee. White people thought it was disrespectful and unpatriotic. We protest violently the way White people have throughout this nation’s history, they complain about looting and the unrest. Our own president threatens to shoot us.

What’s the big deal? White people loot and no one shoots or arrests them.

White and European people have looted our communities for centuries. They burned our businesses as we tried to live separately away from them, per their request. They burned our places of worship and killed our children. White people have burned crosses in our front yards, and they’ve lynched Black men both young and old for absolutely nothing as if their lives did not matter. White people have looted by coming into our communities and snuffing the life and joy from our communities by stealing our best and brightest and over-policing to maintain White Supremacy.

If White people were so concerned about looting, they wouldn’t have perpetuated it.

I personally don’t care if people loot. I don’t care more about stuff and building with no feelings than I do about people. Every building is insured, which is more than I can say for a lot of the protestors. White people being concerned about looting don’t want to accept responsibility for the looting and are privileged.

Anything looted was likely, was likely looted from someone else. So it’s the circle of life. We are a violent nation. We love and glorify war. Looting is taking goods, usually of considerable value taken in war. We are at war with ourselves and people are taking shit, some of which is not valuable, but whatever. I don’t really give a fuck about the spoils gained by looting in this moment. The reason for this war is the most important thing White people need to focus on. Racism, White Supremacy, and inequality under the eyes of the law must stay front and center until America changes or until this nation crumbles.

Frankly, I’m fine with either at this point. What is there to lose for Black people?

We’re not going back to the old, racist normal White folks are accustomed to, where they are the top looters grooming future looters. Nope, nope, nope. Thank Trump and White people for that gift. We will be equal opportunity looters in this joint.

He’s the looting, most grifting, White president ya’ll are going to wish you’d never seen, I can guarantee that if you haven’t all ready. White people have allowed and encouraged White men in the Republican party to loot us poor taxpayers so rich White folks could get richer and so White shareholders (you) can get a piece of the pie. Looters today are just taking back what’s been taken from them. This kind of looting is the circle of life. It’s the code of the street. White people, you taught the looters everything they know. I won’t call them Black looters because I’ve seen too many White ones.

If you’re angry about looting, open a history book. Study your ancestry. Study American and European history. You stole an entire country from Native Americans and then rewrote history to say you found it. You raped it of its natural resources, and what you weren’t raiding and raping this stolen country of its natural resources as you’ve done on other Black and Brown continents, you contaminated the land and water during your looting to poison future inhabitants.

White people, you are the MVPs of looting, so you should have no problem watching. If you feel bad, imagine how all the people who have been harmed by American looting feel at this moment?

You’ve taught the entire world how to loot. If you don’t like the way the children behave, we look to the parenting to understand why a child’s behavior is so awful. White people, you created the looters just like you created or enabled this race war. Looters on the streets have learned from the best. Congratulate yourselves, then be quiet.

White people are tangled up in their underwear about looting is so ridiculous that I have to laugh every time I hear and see the words written in a comment. When you’re not looting us with tax breaks for the rich, Wall Street shenanigans, outsourcing, and raping other countries, you are busy looting by cooking up Ponzi schemes and trickle-down economic scams, and looting using coded-language motivated by White fear that divides us. White people also loot people of color by using racist laws that have kept us separate, in line, unequal, and oppressed. The spoils from looting using racism is White power.

White people are the looting MVPs.

White people looting has kept the poor impoverished and in their respective classes/races as designed, while the White people remain powerful and wealthy(ier). Looting is what White people do, they just hate when it’s done to them.

White concern really isn’t about the looting. It’s the fact that Black people have risen up again and declared war. When we rebel, white people fear this is the time they’ll finally be forced to reckon with our national history. Talking about looting is nothing more than racist code, and we know how White people love their codes.

There is hardly a Brown country or continent on the planet White and European folks haven’t looted physically. What’s worse than their looting is the fact that after they finished looting, they usually stay, sucking all the life and culture from those spaces and places you invaded with your wars.

The only reason White people fear looting because they know what they’ve done for hundreds of years. They don’t want it done to them. Caring about looting is capitalistic and selfish, (which is part of our country’s problem) hypocritical, and a form of White Supremacy.

That’s. Why. I. Don’t. Care. About. Looting.

We have a race war now, it’s the one Donald J. Trump and his White Supremacist allies wanted. We’ve had intel for 12 years that Obama made public noting White Supremacists were infiltrating law enforcement and civil service and White people discredited and/or ignored him. Your inaction has put our lives in danger. You cannot expect to put the genie back in the bottle. Black people are sick and tired of fighting to be free of White rule. We are tired of White men leading us, creating failed inequitable policies for us, policing us, and governing us.

Worry about looting is a distraction to recenter White concerns and shift attention from Black lives. Don’t buy it.

To concern yourselves with looting is shifting the issue. It’s redirecting blame and anger. It’s losing the focus and rewriting the story — all the things White people well. We cannot fall for it.

We are at war with White Supremacy, intolerance, and anti-Blackness. White people created this mess and it’s up to you to fix it, so stay focused. Looting is not the hill you want to die on, trust me. Policing, institutional and structural racism should be your focus. How are you going to rebuild an America free of White Supremacy? We’ve heard you talking, we’ve waited patiently, now we want to see progress. We don’t care about looting.

We care about achieving justice.

Oppressed Blacks are trying to free themselves from oppressive Whites (again). Today’s policing stems from slave catchers. Policing Black people in America has always been problematic, and White people will find any way they can to detract from the cause of today’s violence. Looting is not the problem, White men are. There is a reason White people literally get joy from putting their feet on our necks literally and figuratively.

Slaves were the biggest spoils for America won from looting Africa, and White people have been the biggest beneficiaries of their looting. White people are still enjoying the spoils that came from slavery and institutional racism.

Looting is how most White people stay alive, even though most will never own up to it. White people are the direct beneficiaries of White Supremacy and 400 years of White rule. Right now White people are having a hard time taking responsibility for the messes they’ve made and the lives they’ve destroyed. Taking responsibility should be nothing. You don’t have to prep your kids to deal with a lifetime of looting.

White people concerned only about Black people looting are saying to us my old property is destroying my new properties. White people want to protect their spoils at all costs, even if it means killing Black people. It’s hypocrisy. Being concerned about looting is being concerned about money and tangibles those hollow people need because they have no souls.

White people, you all could win the “looter of many centuries” award.

If I was a White person, I couldn’t fix my mouth to be concerned about violence or looting when my ancestry is linked to so many atrocities against humanity. Looting, violence, and rioting have worked well for you guys apparently, so much so, you don’t want anyone to do it but you or to you.

White people, if you believe looting is so bad, then perhaps they should stop doing it first. Apologize second, then make repairs. You can no longer ignore your role in making our lives hell. The chickens have come home to roost.

Some Ways White People Have Looted

White people have used a variety of means to loot unsuspecting people of their riches. Europeans came traveled to Africa with their bible and their White Jesus and left with the land, the natural resources, and human beings they’d use as slaves.

“When the missionaries came to Africa, they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.” ~ Desmond Tutu

Just like Whites in South Africa enjoyed and reaped the benefits of apartheid, White people in America have benefited from Jim Crow, Slave Codes, segregation, and racial discrimination. You’ve enjoyed looting and that looting has led to Whites having a head start that most of us can’t get. The ramifications of White men looting are being felt all around the world. Today’s looting by Blacks in America results from yesterday’s looting (and today’s continued looting) by Whites.

The greatest looters in the world are White people. You’ve taught us everything we know.

White people left England because they wanted religious freedom. They looted another continent so they could be free. Colonizers came here, went to war with Native American Indians, then looted the joint (the land you’re standing on is loot White people). White people are the old gangsters of looting. Own it.

Back in 1773, the Boston Tea Party was the first major uprising American colonists (aka White people) had against British rule and taxes.

White people are always bitching about fairness, religion, and taxes. It’s been a recurring theme in our national history. But back to my point.

White people showed Great Britain that White Americans wouldn’t take taxation and tyranny without a fight (sounds like a protest to me). The Sons of Liberty, a secret White revolutionary organization (basically rebels), disguised themselves in Native Americans (racist), boarded the docked ships, and threw 342 chests of tea into the water. That’s the looting and destruction of property. The Boston Tea Party happened just three years before America formally became a nation. White people have always protested violently when they believed they were being treated unfairly.

The belief that the only people who should have the right to protest (and loot) are White people. That deep-rooted belief stems from slavery. White people don’t even realize the reason for the disgust. Own it. I can go on and on for weeks about the various ways White people have looted America using racism, this nation’s original sin stemming from slavery.

From redlining and gerrymandering, separate but equal education policies, outsourcing jobs to exploit non-White workers by paying them low wages to pay shareholders more, creating trickle-down economics, bad trade acts, stealing our farmlands to pass on to White farmers, creating the failed War on Drugs, giving never-ceasing tax cuts to the wealthy, creating local and state tax codes that favor Whites while looting Blacks, hoarding certain career fields (i.e. public education/academia, policing, healthcare, lending and finance, policing, civil and public service gigs, etc.), making it impossible for Black people to get ahead, and let’s not talk about the federal government’s role in looting from Black people and communities while maintaining White Supremacy by upholding laws and policies that prevented Black people from getting ahead, like only making the G.I. Bill available for White people for decades.

If you wanna talk about looters White people, talk about yourselves.

This lie of a social experiment is being exposed as the fraud Black people always knew it was. The most important concern White people should have is whether you all will open your eyes and pretend all is well or will you guys rid yourselves of racism and White Supremacy. It’s been 400 years and you giving us civil and equal rights has been slow to put it kindly. From 1619 to the 1900s, it’s been a very long time to be waiting on White people to do the right thing. We will not listen to your hollow promises anymore. We need action.

Everything isn’t okay. We’re not going back to the way things were. You all can live in the past, or start planning the future post for a Donald Trump presidency if he leaves. He shouldn’t have that option. White people should take the streets, stay home from work, and threatening every politician to remove him or lose their seats. It’s that serious.

Worrying About Looting Is Code And White Supremacy

White people created the pain Black people are experiencing right now. If you don’t like what you see across America White people, look in the mirror. As Tameka Mallory said in a powerful press conference recently, you White people taught us everything we know.

You are the biggest looters. You should concern yourselves about yourselves.

Concern about looting is another way White people avoid taking responsibility for their actions. It’s time White people take a good hard look at the roles you’ve played over the past 400 years in making things so racist and inequitable that people can no longer stand it.

Deal with the baby you’ve made.

White people have been the most violent group of looting people living among us, yet they are concerned about other people committing violence and looting.

You did it first. You did it first. You created the road map. You taught us. If it’s unacceptable, stop doing it to us.

Please pick up some history books and reevaluate the way you view yourselves and the role White and European people have played in looting nearly every continent on the globe. You don’t have a right to be angry. What White people should do is get down on their knees to ask the world to forgive you for all the sins you’ve committed against it. Then figure out how to make this right.

Enough is enough. It’s time to decide whether we will be the nation the Constitution says we are or are we going to a failed nation-state living in apartheid?

You don’t have long to decide or to devise a plan that includes structural changes. The country we built for free is burning, and we don’t care if it burns to the ground. If White people don’t tear down racist structures and institutions, it will burn to the ground. The world is watching you, White people. They know your dirty little secrets too. Are you going to act, or stand still in fear?

I said it once, and I’ll say it again. Worrying about looting isn’t the hill you want to die on, trust me. The actual things White people should be concerned about are White Supremacy and against racism. Get your priorities straight. Looting shouldn’t be one of them.

You can get more stuff. We can’t get our Black kids back when White men and women kill them, and we can’t undo the damage by vindictive Karens. You started the fire White people, you can put it out. I heard someone say this the other day and it spoke to the urgency and expectation of the moment.

The roof, the roof,

The roof is on fire

If Whites don’t bring the water

Let the motherfucker burn

Burn motherfucker, burn

White people are the water that can put this fire out. I’ve seen you marching and I’m so happy to see it, but there is more that needs to be done. You have all the power. Use it.

Protest. Change policies. Learn about racist policies, practices, institutions and overhauls them. Stop electing White people. Cede power. Stop trusting all White people are good. Stop creating little racists who grow up to become big racists. Stop hiding White Supremacists. Prosecute racists who cause injuries to Black people and people of color. Listen to Black people. Immerse yourselves into Black culture. Vote like Black people.

Befriend Black people, not just the kind who are like you, befriend people you’ve been taught to be afraid of. Propose policies and see that they get passed. Get input from Black people, stop assuming you know us. This moment proves you don’t. Have relationships with us. Stop asking us for favors and not returning the favor. Let us lead. Force White police and prosecutors to separate. Focus on down-ballot races more. They matter most to us. Create policies to create opportunities specifically for Black people. Help us fight for reparations. Learn about propaganda, politics, and politicians.

Lastly, it’s time for White men to stand down. You haven’t been good stewards of our Black bodies. White women, you too have harmed us. We cannot reconcile until White people fix White people's shit. We have 400-years of evidence that you aren’t interested in fixing yourselves. You’ve literally run the nation into the ground and are looking for someone to blame.

I’m not going to allow you to scapegoat us, because as this moment proves, we have no power. Worrying about looting is America worrying about capitalism, the system that perpetuates equality and our zero-sum thinking. Stay focused. Looting is a symptom. Racism and White Supremacy are America’s pandemic. Fix it.

Use your power for good instead of using it for evil. Loot White people of their power to make America more equitable and just. That’s all we want.

It’s all Black folks have ever wanted.

Marley K in Quarantine