Why White Women Like Justice Barrett Make Me Sick

Unqualified White Women Love Playing Innocent, Taking Up Space They Know They Don’t Serve

Why White Women Like Justice Barrett Make Me Sick

Unqualified White Women Love Playing Innocent, Taking Up Space They Know They Don’t Serve

Justice Amy Coney Barrett before the Senate Judiciary Committee, September 06, 2017. Photo Source: Creative Commons

Justice Amy Coney Barrett (ACB), the latest unqualified addition to the Supreme Court, is the epitome of White privilege, with all the unearned power thanks to her White skin. They make me sick. They are always somewhere flaunting their White privilege around just like their parents and White society taught them to, with their squeaky, whinny, manipulative little voices thinking they are fooling someone. We see you. We know their kind of evil. The only qualification for the job of being a Supreme Court Justice is being Whites. There were so many things atypical about her ascension from nowhere on to the highest White court of the White land, I felt the need to talk about it.

If you’re White and sensitive, I suggest you hit the back button because I’m getting ready to drag ACB and White Supremacy for filth on this here day. She doesn’t deserve to be where she is and so many Black people can relate to her getting the gig even though she’s not qualified. She’s reason #544 of why Black votes don’t matter. How can things possibly get better for us if we vote when White men give White women positions to gatekeep? ACB is a racist, and she is going to be bad news for Black folks.

White Women Are Groomed For Moments Like These

America is an ACB factory, grooming unqualified White women like ACB to be sit their unqualified asses on thrones they aren’t qualified to sit on. They believe just because they went to their lily White private schools, graduating at the top of their White classes, and checking all the White privilege boxes doing all the privileged activities that opens the doors to the secret White society White people have access to. People with no experience with people not like them are groomed to manage and rule over people unlike them. They are people they believe they should rule over. She was born into the right race, and into the right socioeconomic status. ACB is a walking performance. Women like Justice Barrett are often imposters, groomed by White spaces all over America.

They Always Think They Know What’s Best For People They Don’t Know

Justice Barrett is like all the other White women who believe their White God ordained them for this appointed time to rule over us. These women are in medicine, the nonprofit sector, the media/journalism, politics, teaching, social work, doing missionary work harassing poor Black and Brown folks around the globe. They don’t even know they are racist, yet have the audacity to have input on issues of race. Righteous Rebeccas are always somewhere equating their privileged status in society to leadership. How in the hell can you possibly believe you know what’s best for Black people when you’ve spent your entire life isolating yourself from them? How do you want to judge cases about us when you don’t know us? How do you know what’s fair and just when you’ve been raised in a system that only treats one of us fair and/or just? Girl bye. You’re an imposter, and the only person you’re fooling are White people. Black folks got your numbers, ladies.

If you’re culturally incompetent or you’ve been groomed in all White settings, you need not rule over anyone in this nation except the people you have the most experience with, — and those are White people. But women like ACB, they don’t give what they don’t know a second thought. With their privilege, comes lots of arrogance.

They Show Their Aversion To Black People

ACB showed us who she truly was when she engaged with Senator Kamala Harris. White women treat us like that all the time. They hate because we’re in the room. ACB hated Senator Harris questioning her because she knew Senator Harris would challenge her on her stances on civil rights and climate change, two areas negatively impacting Blacks and People of Color. Justice Barret also knows Harris was far more accomplished than she was. The fight wasn’t at all fair when Senator Harris came to the fight with years of knowledge, experience, and practice while the Justice Barrett came to the fight with her privilege, thoughts, and prayers. Women like Barret lash out when Black and Brown women are smarter than them, and they know it. We don’t get passes for White girl whining and whiteness. Senator worked her way to the top through years of experience while White men gifted the privileged Justice Barrett her position.

Justice Barrett shouldn’t be on any court, let alone the Supreme Court because of her lack of experience. She’s never tried a case. She’s never argued a case before the Supreme Court. She’s only been a judge since 2017. She couldn’t touch Senator Harris with a 10-foot pole and she knew it. Her White mediocrity was on display for the world to see. White men made her feel okay because most of them are in positions they don’t deserve to be in too. Birds of a feather flock together, I always say. But there is something about a confident, intelligent Black woman that rocks ill-equipped, undeserving White women like Justice Barrett to their cores. We have a way of making White women see and feel everything they are not by just being in the room. ACB’s disdain for the Black woman was clear, and she wanted the White world to know she was with them. From her facial expressions, her frustration by the line of questioning to the change in tone, Justice Barrett expressed what many White people feel because they aren’t equipped to handle otherness. ACB was letting us know who she was there to serve, and it was White people. ACB is the White people’s judge, and White people better never forget it.

They Know How To Whine Their Way Into Positions

Justice Barrett’s voice was annoying, intentionally annoying. Apparently White women grow up learning how to whine when they talk at an early age. I’ve watched how White women like Barrett use their tones and voices to get their way, especially when they are in trouble. ACB’s whining may have her audience of White people fooled, but Black people having dealt with White women like Barrett are accustomed to those dangerous whines. They think it’s cute, and it is to White people. It gets on my last nerves. As soon as I hear it, my bullshit sirens go off. It’s a sign of so many things wrong. It doesn’t take long for the cute whine to go away and the treacherous evil side of White women to make their regular guest appearances, making Black people miserable.

I’ve heard that whine when my White female subordinates in the workplace were plotting to disobey me, choosing to go behind my back and disregard me because I was Black. That ACB whine was prevalent when White women teachers complained about my Black sons at school, not knowing my sons had already put me onto the racism and biases they exhibited in their classrooms. They whine in our faces, pretending to be concerned about our children, while racially discriminating against them. I’ve heard that whine in the Karen videos where White women are busy doing all kinds of fuckery and then using their manipulative whines to call the police on Black men playing the victim. That whine ruins line.

Privilege whiny white girls are the ones who stomp off the basketball court in high school because they don’t get to play or the coach sits them down because they are awful. They use that whine to justify everything and to get their way. The performative White whine absolutely annoys the fuck out of me because White women and girls use it as a means to an end. Even Brett Kavanaugh whined when he needed to and it go him right on the Supreme Court. White whining is a rite of passage.

I’ve never met a whiney white woman who wasn’t trouble. She’ll turn that whine on when she gets herself backed into a corner, caught in a lie, use it as a defense mechanism, or let it rip when she needs to get her way. Nothing good, and I mean nothing good, comes from a whining, racist, privileged White woman or girl. ACB whines are a dime a dozen, and they aren’t fooling anyone, honey.

No. One.

They Are Always Taking Up Undeserved Space

Justice Barrett is taking up space from a person who is far more qualified. White women like ACB are useful tools to White Supremacy. Her sole purpose on the Supreme Court is to protect White people, cover for the White people’s President, and take away the autonomy and rights of Black and Brown people. There were more candidates who could have filled the spot, including conservative women of color, but she selected specifically because he was White. Justice Barrett is nothing more than a token spot holder, dangling fruit to appease White liberal women caught up in White power too. Justice Barrett is one of the least experienced picks ever selected, she’ll have a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court despite never trying a case, ever. ACB’s nomination and placement is a testament to how White people get over on the system. Judgey White women like Justice Barrett love to talk about welfare and handouts, but they don’t consider getting jobs they don’t deserve as handouts or charity.

The woman has never tried a case. Her former employer doesn’t even think she deserves the spot based on her views. Hundreds of Notre Dame faculty (her last employer) opposed her nomination. Even they know she didn’t deserve the spot.

If Justice Barrett really respected the rule of law and the courts, she would have never accepted the nomination. She’s woefully unqualified, and I wouldn’t want her many any decisions on my behalf. Teaching from a book isn’t the same thing as putting law into practice. She is like the plumber who went to college and watched YouTube videos on how to fix plumbing, but has never plumbed a line. ACB is the epitome of White privilege, and White people everywhere watched how our systems reward them for being inexperienced and White. Being White female means you are possibly getting undeserved rewards and take up space that more than likely is meant for others.

ACB will be on the court for a long time ruining Black folks’s lives because she believes women shouldn’t kill babies, and she thinks LGBTQ folks have too many rights. She wants to mind our pussies and our rights, and White men have put her in a position to do just that. No one should be placed on the court with such antiquated, White views, but this has been a 40-year-plan for the religious right that my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will now have to deal with. Thanks White people. ACB’s appointment exemplifies why we can’t achieve equity in America. You guys and gal hate sharing.

Her appointment marked the first time in 151 years that a justice was put on the Supreme Court without a single vote from the opposition party. It will be a stain on her legacy she’ll never be able to erase. She should be ashamed for being so inept, but of course she’s not because Whiteness is rarely, if ever, shamed for being ill-equipped or having undeserved privileges. If you’re White, have you ever taken the time to wonder if you deserved to be where you are and if there was another non-White person more qualified than you? Probably not. After the last 4 years, White people should examine everything about their culture. The undeserved privileges White people receive are undeniable.

They Serve Their Religious Right Cult Loyally

Justice Barrett is a part of the fanatically racist Religious Right/Evangelical Movement. She’s been groomed to be here to do what she’s doing. Anyone still okay with those antiquated views should not be serving on anything on behalf of anyone. Women like ACB is why I hate the religious right. Their views are as dangerous and toxic as the pilgrims. ACB is nothing more than dressed up evil and a power grab to protect insecure, racist White men who believe they are losing power. The Evangelical Movement’s jockeying for the courts to control the nation’s laws. They want to keep White women from having abortions so more White babies will be born, even if they are unwanted, and even if they are placed in a child welfare system as long as there are more White people. As long as White children are born they can be counted on the Census.

The more White people born means the more White power White people will have. Unwanted White babies being born is the goal. Religious freaks like ACB don’t care about anyone else. I don’t even know why Black and Brown people fool-up with these racist, freedom busting movements. Amy Coney Barrett acknowledges she applies a “religious test” to every legal decision, even though the United States Constitution says that judicial officers should not be subject to a religious test. That means she doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state. White women like ACB will do whatever they please for their White Masters to steal and keep power.

They Are Extremely Biased, Likely Racist

Women like Justice Barrett spend their entire lives wrapped and centered in Whiteness. From where she went to school, to where she lived, to where she worked. ACB is the epitome of the privileged, racist, powerful White women who should be disqualified from their public positions because of their race.

ACB is overtly racist, and it’s shown by the way Seventh Circuit Court has ruled on certain cases pertaining to race. In 2019, Barrett wrote the unanimous three-judge panel opinion affirming summary judgment in the case of Smith v. Illinois Department of Transportation, where a black employee who claimed racial discrimination upon his dismissal by the department and that he was called a “stupid-ass nigger” by a black supervisor and the employee was later fired. Barrett in her decision wrote that usage of the racial slur was egregious, but Smith’s testimony showed no evidence that his subjective experience of the workplace changed because of the slur, nor did it change the fact that he was fired for poor performance. She failed to see how the microaggression may have impacted one’s work performance. Barrett often sided against complainants of racial discrimination allegations.

In 2017, the Seventh Circuit ACB sat on rejected the federal government’s appeal in a civil lawsuit against AutoZone. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (the federal government mind you) argued that AutoZone’s assignment of employees to different stores based on race (sending African American employees to stores in heavily African American neighborhoods) violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Judge Barrett joined three other judges on the court in denying a petition to rehear the case, showing her support in separate yet equal. Just like the good old days, right? Check out her record on the Seventh Circuit Court for yourself. She’s a piece of work. Her interpretation of the law is that of a slaveowner, I’d say. She’d like to call it an originalists interpretation, which is nothing more than a code for White Supremacy. ACB also clerked for Justice Scalia, who had his own racist, gatekeeping views. Scalia was ACB’s protege.

Never forget in the 2013 Shelby County v. Holder opinion, Scalia voted with the conservative majority, agreeing against the evidence presented, stating Voting Rights Act was a “perpetuation of racial entitlement” for black and other racial minority voters. It’s the reason Republicans and Trump can cheat to win. I’m sure Justice Barrett plans to continue Scalia’s racially insensive legacy. Her purpose on the court to tear down, not build up. Like so many White women, Barrett has surrounded herself by White men who will extend power and grace to them in order to achieve power.

While ACB’s history on the federal bench is short, she’s had enough time to compile a record of being pretty biased based upon her limited worldview. Buckle up your seat Black people, we really are going back, back into time. I’m never forgiving White people for not being able to see this shit coming before now.

Speaking of racist, let’s not forget about these two White Supremacists, Brett Kavanaugh and his clerk Zina Bash flashing the “OK” symbol for the second time during his confirmation hearing. Bash claimed she wasn’t racist either. She’s Jewish. We’re adding another racist to the highest court in the land.

Source: Twitter/ Citizens Fed Up
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Privileged, racist White women love positions of power, and they love helping privileged, racist White men gatekeep.

Their Privileged Existence Harms Others

ACB has lived a White, privileged existence since she arrived on this earth. Her father, worked as an attorney for Shell Oil Company and her mother, was a high school French teacher and homemaker. She grew up in Metairie, a former farmer area that was settled in the 1720s by French-European settlers, and today is one of the most prestigious areas of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. It’s also predominantly White. She’s a devout Catholic, and attended an all-girls private high school, solidifying her path to future gatekeeping.

In 1990, Metairie made history when one of its districts elected white supremacist David Duke to the Louisiana state legislature for a single term, which is the same year Justice Barrett graduated from high school. How racist do you have to be to elect the former head of the klan to your state legislature? This is where Justice Barrett hails from.

If you know anything about the South, not much changes here, especially when it comes to White Supremacy and racism. At least 80% of the population in Metairie are White. The poorest group in the town Justice Barrett hails from are Black. Whites are the wealthiest. Priviliged people continually position themselves to reap harvests from unearned benefits. Justice Barrett’s appointment to the courts will ensure her White, racist worldview, America’s worldview, remains in tact. Her appointment is another notch in the belt for keepers of White gates.

Speaking of gatekeepers, in June 2019, the ACB’s court, in a unanimous decision written by Barrett, reinstated a suit brought by a male Purdue University student who had been found guilty of sexual assault by Purdue University, resulting in a one-year suspension, loss of his Navy ROTC scholarship, and expulsion from the ROTC affecting his ability to pursue his chosen career in the Navy. The court’s unanimous decsion in the rapists favor ensured a young White man was going to escape justice, be compensated and not punished for his crime. Barrett was looking out for the potential of a White rapist which would explain why Trump is so happy to name her. He’ll be clogging up our courts with cases for years to come. She’ll be right there paying her debt for her power.

It’s hard to trust anyone to do good with such a White, segregated worldview. It’s even harder to trust someone with little experience working with otherness because that lack certainly taints ones view on how the world works for them. Amy Coney Barrett is the epitome of White Privilege.

It’s hardest to trust someone who got the job just because they are privileged and White, not because they earned it like the rest of the judges I have no respect for Justice Barrett, not will I have any shame for America. This is just how things operate here. How do some of you White women get up and go to work everyday knowing you’re in a position you didn’t earn? How do you hold your head high and cash your paychecks? How do you look into the eyes of your Black and Brown colleagues who know you are less deserving and less qualified than they are? It literally makes me sick and I bet it makes them sick too.

I’ll never understand the audacity White Supremacy, and I can never respect undeserving privileged women like Justice Barrett.

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