Why Whiteness Needs To Be Abolished Globally

Whiteness has no place in any civilized democratic society ruling over non-White people. It’s rooted in inequality.

Why Whiteness Needs To Be Abolished Globally

Whiteness has no place in any civilized democratic society ruling over non-White people. It’s rooted in inequality.

Let Whiteness go honey. It serves no one, not even White people. Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

I read an outstanding piece written by Sam McKenzie Jr’s a few days ago detailing how Whiteness is undemocratic, which gets right to the crux of Black people’s issue with America and the United Kingdom post-Western colonialism. Both sovereign states claim to be democratic, but both systems have been created and used to maintain institutions and hierarchies catering to White people, to sustain whiteness. Everything about Whiteness is bad for everyone else except White people. You cannot have a civil society with White identities because it requires everything and everyone non-White to submit to it or be oppressed.

Whiteness is incompatible with democracy, and it should be abolished here in the United States and abroad. The only thing Whiteness offers non-White folks is hard times. I want it to end. Abolish Whiteness.

Abolishing Whiteness doesn’t mean abolish White people, although I’m not opposed to White people being relocated to White nations in Europe where they can rule over each other together in chaos. To abolish Whiteness means getting rid of any titles, rules, laws, and privileges which allow White people to rule over others. There are many reasons to get rid of Whiteness. The main reason for me personally is that all White people are racist, regardless of intentions, and it’s impossible to drive home the point. If you erase the privilege of White skin and all that comes along with it, we’d be more equal.

White Rule Needs To End

White people have had hundreds of years to perfect governing different types of people and they’ve proven globally they cannot do it. White people cannot co-exist with others without fetishizing, exploiting, taking over, or conquering. No one on earth can live with White people peacefully except White people, and even amongst themselves, they’ll develop other classes and concepts as social classes and /or social hierarchies to rule over one another. Abolishing White rule over everything allows others to make decisions on how we should live. White people have proven they aren’t capable of ruling over others fairly in ways that ensure we all live and thrive. Nobody has time to keep reading the fine print of Whiteness. It’s taxing. Abolishing White rule is necessary.

Whiteness Has Stolen So Much

Whiteness has stolen so many tangible things from cultures, nations, and ethnic groups to sustain it. There isn’t a non-White ethnic group on earth who isn’t owed a debt for the misfortunes suffered because of White people and colonialism. The cancer of Whiteness is far-reaching. Whiteness has also punished people and nations able to free themselves of White rule dearly. For instance, Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere because of America and France. The Catholic Church has stolen priceless treasures from the African continent. The British Monarchy profited from slavery and stole the largest diamond in the world from South African to make it the British Crown jewel. The wealth of the west was built on the backs of slaves and the exploitation/taxing of free Black nations. We’re in this constant struggle to catch up when it’s impossible.

Whiteness, the Exploiter-in-Chief refuses relinquishes its reigns, leaving the majority of non-White folks poor, struggle, fighting among ourselves, and hating others. Whiteness has a debt it needs to pay, and we don’t need to continue being uncomfortable while they pretend to figure it out. Abolish Whiteness and White wealth. It needs to repay all its stolen from the rest of us.

Whiteness Is Greedy

Whiteness is greedy as hell. It has an insatiable appetite for money and power is too much for decent people to sustain. It’s also sociopathic and diabolical in how it sits around to create ways to divide, conquer, and control others. As we learn more and more about the coup/insurrection, you’ll find a great number of rich and powerful people that have exploited lots of racist poor, exceptionally-challenged and stupid White people to maintain power and to create a new class of people. Whiteness is dangerous to us all, even to White people. Instead of rejecting it, White people continue voting for White people, because all they ever think about are themselves and their wellbeing. Greed and Whiteness are inextricably linked.

No good society needs Whiteness in it, and no good society can survive with it. Likewise, Whiteness cannot survive without Black and Brown hosts. For instance, Without Africa, it’s France would slide down into the rank of a third world country. To most of the Brown and Black France’s colonization has nothing to offer the world which would explain why it is still one of the richest countries in the world. Whiteness has extrapolated wealth from Black and Brown people and nations to sustain itself. Nations across the globe are looking for ways to erase the remnants of colonization from their spheres. They are greedy because they literally cannot survive without us. Capitalism and racism are related.

You can’t have one without the other. Rich White folks know this, which is why they exploit poor Whites to aid in subjugating or brainwashing the rest of us. Abolishing Whiteness would decrease White folks’ financial edge, closing the wealth gap.

Whiteness Lies To Itself and Others

Whiteness loves using and mixing words to soften the blow of how terrible it is. I read an Associated Press piece on White folks trying to figure out whether to call what happened on January 6th a riot or insurrection. Really? Like, what in the fuck is wrong with White people? White people love playing these word games with the rest of us to soften the blow of how fucking horrible they are when they do something. It’s part of a pattern meant to deceive us, and when all know how Whiteness deceives. Whiteness also loves whitewashing history. Every history book in our public schools should be yanked to include a more realistic review of American history. History shouldn’t be told by White people in my opinion, not for educational purposes. Whiteness tends to tell stories nostalgically, romanticizing the cruelty and inhumanity of others.

Whiteness has a way of leaving our bits and pieces or overlooking the humanity of non-White people to make themselves look like saviors and martyrs, minimizing our roles in events or the harm they’ve inflicted upon others. White folks also glorify inequality, which is essential in perpetuating the lie of its greatness. White lies should be abolished in all history, especially White history.

Whiteness Blocks The Progress of Non-Whiteness

The insurrection was about Non-White people achieving more power. Brexit is about White people wanting to keep their imperial status. They weren’t down with the darkening of Europe either as victims of wars emigrate seeking a new life after Whiteness has in one way or another destroyed their homeland. The Black and Brown people in France have been protesting racial discrimination. Turns out Europe ain’t so colorblind after all. Whiteness regardless of where non-White people are in the world threatens our non-White affiliated forward progress. We’re never able to pick up the pieces because White people collectively won’t fall back.

Whiteness needs to be abolished globally because it not only blocks the progress of non-Whites, it’s so barbaric that it forces those attempting to free themselves from it to model their liberation after it. Not only does Whiteness requiring mirroring which ensures its foundation remains in place for future takeovers, but it also requires that non-Whiteness plays with it to survive. The parts of the African continent which have been exploited and raped by colonialism struggle to free themselves from colonialism because it’s physical absence it’s placed other door stoppers and placeholders. Christianity for one has many Black and Brown people bound so they can’t move. Mind you, the same Christianity Whiteness uses to conquer.

Another means to keep non-White countries tied to Whiteness is foreign aid/money. After Whiteness rapes you, they give your own money back to you or allow you to borrow it, with interests. Whiteness prevents anyone or anything trying to free itself from becoming self-sufficient. Whiteness needs to be abolished and everything associated with it. We can’t rise with the foot of Whiteness always on our necks.

Whiteness Is Oppressive

Where there is Whiteness there can be no liberty. Whiteness is anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-democracy, anti-independence, anti-empowerment, and anti-humanity. We need to get rid of Whiteness to rid ourselves of oppression in America, the Western Hemisphere, on the African continent, and other places. Racism isn’t America’s problem, Whiteness is.

Whiteness created racism. Get rid of one problem, you can solve the other. If we abolish Whiteness, we abolish racism, inequality, xenophobia, and capitalism. Whiteness is necessary for all the other things to thrive. Abolishing Whiteness abolishes oppression and all associated with the practice of sustaining it.

Whiteness Racializes Every Space, Even Non-White Ones

Every space Whiteness takes up, it racializes it. Whiteness claims all spaces as theirs. It decides which spaces are valuable and which spaces are deemed worthless. Whiteness determines what areas should be policed and how we should be governed. White people get to dictate which spaces are safe and which spaces are unsafe, even spaces they’ve never been to. White neighborhoods are often overvalued and Black neighborhoods are always undervalued. Black and Brown people can’t assess the value and worth of space as long as White people are involved in the equation. Whiteness gets to dictate what and who is racist, ensuring we continue getting heart by it. Whiteness needs to get out of the space business. It’s not possible to share any space with it and live in peace. Abolishing Whiteness helps us reclaim our spaces. It makes all spaces our spaces.

Abolishing White spaces takes away White privilege and forces White people to come out of their safe nooks and crannies. White comfort also needs to be abolished.

Race Is An Illusion That Needs To Die

Whiteness and everything about it is an illusion. It requires us to contort ourselves in its likeness to survive because it controls all things. Whiteness is unnatural, immoral, and impossible to live with. It needs to die. There can never be equality as long as Whiteness exists because Whiteness requires subjugation and domination over all things. It’s impossible to coexist with it. Because it has us all contorted in such a way because it stays involved in Black and Brown business, it’s also impossible to live without Whiteness. The entire racial construct throughout the world needs to do.

Humanity has no business conjuring up ways to oppress each other. I realize slavery and subjugation in our societies are as old as humanity, but we’re civilized now, and people know right from wrong. Just like selling people into slavery to make money is wrong, using Whiteness to subjugate people is wrong. This system is we live in has failed us miserably. White people seem unwilling or unable to let it go. I see no one calling for the ending of the racial construct which supports White Supremacy and the illusion of White Superiority. We need racism to die, but it cannot and will not until races die. Those in charge of racial designations and who benefit from Whiteness most are the quietest.

Racism is toxic and it serves no other purpose except to oppress and exploit. Whiteness needs to be abolished for any change to happen in America. I’m committed to ridding my people of it. It has no business in a civilized society.

Abolish Whiteness. It’s the only way America is going to work. If you’re afraid to abolish Whiteness, you already know the reason why. You can’t be pro-democracy and pro-Whiteness. Whiteness means you believe in White Supremacy, and we can’t be on the same team.

My people need to free of Whiteness and liberation cannot happen until Whiteness and all its oppressive tactics are destroyed. Abolishing Whiteness is about peace, and God knows we all need some peace right about now.

Marley K. 2020 ©

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