Biden’s Republican VP Consideration Comment Is A Big Problem

The fact that he would even joke about it considering the history of the GOP is problematic.

Biden’s Republican VP Consideration Comment Is A Big Problem
Vice-President Joe Biden with a Republican. Source: Wikipedia

I know most of you with good common sense wouldn’t hire a known sex offender to babysit your children because you know the likelihood of your children being molested or sodomized would be high. History would be an indicator that this person could offend again. You wouldn’t want the burden of being responsible for a young child’s violation, now would you?

Most people with common sense wouldn’t put a failed, bankrupted business man or woman seven times over in charge of a multi-million dollar project with strict budget requirements. The likelihood is high this person would not be successful in managing or completing the project. History would be an indicator in your decision-making, right?

Most decent people wouldn’t hire a known crooked cop caught and convicted of abusing suspects, making bogus stops, setting people up, making false arrests, shaking down residents, raping women and girls, bullying people of color, and who was sued multiple times for civil rights violations over the years (and lost). History would show the likelihood of this sociopath offending again is high, right?

Because we can use history as a strong indicator to determine the likelihood of a no-good, a very bad person committing the same sins, Joe Biden’s disturbing statement or perhaps joke on considering a Republican Vice-President (VP) was alarming and disappointing. How could Biden make such a statement knowing what he knows about the Dixiecrat Party (now the Republican party) in 2019?

That Biden would even consider a Republican VP candidate who directly or indirectly supports gerrymandering, subverting laws, voter roll purging, violating the civil rights of minorities, practiced anti-Blackness, overt racial discrimination with other Black and Brown non-White ethnic minority groups, moving polling places in poor Black and minority communities, and the creation of the New Jim Crow laws is a slap in the face to the Democratic Party’s loyal Black base. Specifically, those who survived the Black codes and Jim Crow.

It’s damned near impossible to get White people to understand how and why his statement of consideration is so problematic.

Why Joe’s Consideration Is Problematic

The consideration of a Republican VP by Biden is problematic for a cadre of reasons because for one it dismisses all that Republicans have done over the past 3 years and rewards them for their bad behavior.

His consideration is problematic because it slaps the faces of loyal Black Democratic voters consistently harmed by Republican terrorism.

Joe’s consideration is problematic because he would unabashedly embrace White Supremacy and White Nationalism to appease moderate Democratic and Republican racists (because that’s what moderate and conservative really means it simply goes by a different name).

His consideration of having a Republican VP doesn’t take into consideration that if he dies during his first term or is incapacitated, he would literally cede power to the Republicans again. The Republican VP would become the President because he/she was next in line to assume the position.

What if Joe Biden got dementia and the Republican VP had inside info which could benefit the Republican party and that could allow this individual to compromise Biden and the Democratic Party? Hell all of us. Biden would become a Republican asset immediately without knowing it.

A Republic Vice-President would be the tiebreaker in the Senate. Can you imagine if the stars aligned right for the Republicans and Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell how much terrible legislation could be passed that would be harmful to non-Whites nationally and globally? There are so many other scenarios that could happen that makes this an idiotic consideration.

Of all Biden’s ignorant flubs, this consideration/joke is the dumbest of them all.

I’m sure there will many who will gloss over the latest flub without taking into consideration the totality of his madness, which makes his statement even more egregious. We are living in an hour where we have a White Supremacist (Stephen Miller) crafting legislation and policies on behalf of Trump and the Republican party. These Republican men and women have either fully embraced White Supremacy and White nationalism with their racist words, their racist actions, their silence (which is consent), their lies, or all the above.

To give Joe a pass on this without thinking about how it impacts the freedom, rights, safety and well-being of other non-White citizens is the same selfish self-preservation tool that got us here. White people on both sides of the political spectrum let a lot of things slide with Trump. They didn’t take him seriously.

Many people thought Trump’s candidacy was a joke. Those same people didn’t take him seriously and did not recognize the threat Blacks and people of color had been under since President Obama was elected. There was a prelude to our terror, and White folks missed it!

I’m sure many people thought Trump wouldn’t win, but he did. I bet many of them thought we’d be okay, but we’re not. And even if you’re 401K is okay, the state of humanity is not.

White people, please understand just because something isn’t serious for you or a threat directly to you doesn’t mean it’s not serious to and for other non-White people. Those of you with short-term memories and no-skin in the game can’t possibly understand, so let me break this down to you.

People knew Trump was a racist, so was his pappy. Their reputation for being racists preceded Trump’s presidency.

He’s grabbed pussies without permission and bragged to other men about it.

He’s lied about things big and small.

He’s talked negatively about fellow Americans and humans around the globe from poor non-White nations.

He’s said White Nationalists were very fine people.

He’s been overtly racist throughout his entire life unless it was financially beneficial for him. Race is important to him, but only because he enjoys inequality and he’s in the highest class system globally.

He says he’s a total nationalist.

He was and still is disrespectful to the first Black President of the United States. His racism knows no bounds.

He aligns himself with dictators and authoritarian leaders. Most Republicans do although in America most White people don’t label our racist Presidents and state/local representatives as such.

The racists think Trump’s racist.

Racists have always been associated with the Republican party since the racist Dixiecrats fled the Democratic Party to become the Republican party (or the party of the Southern Strategy). It’s the premier strategy used by the Republican Party today to fool the lowest White man/woman and the most racist of White and White-passing people.

Trump was a Republican in 2015–16 when he became President. He has since become the all-encompassing leader of the Republican party. Where he goes his tainted legacy follows. And even if there are a few good, untainted Republican men and women, the fact that so many are so cowardly and unable to stand up for the least of us is a sign we don’t want or need their type of leadership in time of national or social crisis.

These men and women and so heavenly bound they are absolutely no earthly good, so why even consider them?

Joe Would Consider Racists, Therefore, I Cannot Consider Joe

Because Biden even allowed the thought of a Republican VP to enter his head and slip from his lips, I cannot consider him to be my President, ever. My parents endured the Jim Crow South, walking miles to school because there were no buses for Black children. My parents lived separately from Whites, were educated separately from Whites, were forced to dine separately from Whites, and were forced to enter back doors to be served. The first quarter of my mother and father’s life was lived in an inequitable nation. It’s a trauma he will never forget.

My dad can recall having their car and bus tires flattened by young White boys, and being too poor to have them replaced, and his parents not voting for fear of being harassed or beaten because White people ran all the polling places during Jim Crow in South Carolina.

I’m exactly one generation removed from those times my mom, dad, and grandmother and great-grandparents experienced. I have experienced similar segregation in my life, but never to the extent of my ancestors. No racist experience I’ve ever had has been as egregious as the ones my father lived through.

I lived in a state for 40 years where the Confederate (rebel) flag flew over our state capital. No matter how much Blacks protested about the trauma it brought us, Whiteness’ comfort with it always prevailed. It’s not threatening to them they’d say. It meant something and not what we’d interpreted they’d say to us. Fuck your feelings is what they never said. The loudest, lowest White men seem to always win these arguments over history. It’s a pattern in America.

I’ll never forget the day my dad and I were driving and he pointed to the rebel flag and that flag stands for White people who don’t like Black people. He took me home, showed me books and pictures, and taught me never to associate with a man or woman who openly used that symbol of hate, slavery, and our oppression. I am from the state where Strom Thurmond reigned with terror until he didn’t and where they birthed the Confederacy.

Having discussions with liberal and conservative White people on social media and in persons is so very interesting. It’s interesting because most White people are consistent in their way of interpreting the actions and motives of White men, regardless of political affiliation. Most White people are also consistent in discounting the opinions, concerns, and trauma of Blacks, Native Americans, and people of color who endure the brunt of Republican racism. That’s also woven into the fabric of America.

It’s during times and conversations like these when I can’t tell the difference between a White liberal Democrat and a racist Republican. Black trauma will always come secondary to a White man’s legacy.

We Blacks and other minority ethnic groups have a reason to fear Republicans, and we have a reason to trust any Democrat who would consider having one on his ticket to govern us. For White people who don’t get that, perhaps you’re in the wrong party.

Yeah, I know some of you will say it was a stupid question. If he’s not that sharp on his feet answering a question how can I trust him to protect me, a Black woman? The likelihood is Joe won’t.

Some of you will justify his response and say he’s done a lot of good things. Ask the people were on the wrong side of the terrible things he did how they feel and how they were impacted by his actions. Try to have some empathy.

Some of you will say it was a setup. It probably was, but you know what? Joe failed the test! He wasn’t being held hostage. He wasn’t ignorant about politics. This ain’t his first rodeo. And no, the Russians didn’t make Biden say it either. He said he would consider it on his own.

Joe said what he said because he is who he is.

He’s a White man in America who has very little regard apparently for regular Black people. I say “regular” because if we’re not Obama Black or Brown (a Bourgeois or Boule Black), we apparently matter little to White people. What men like Biden and those forgiving his statement don’t consider is that we are the Blacks and ethnic minorities who suffer day in and day out because of Republicanism and Trumpism in the Walmart, at the DMVs when being helped by the racist GOP supporting clerk, when trying to vote and given wrong info by the racist White Supervisor of Elections, or the racist Republican Cuban waitress who refuses to serve Blacks and other people of color in the same manner she serves rich White Cubans.

Republican always has and always will mean anti-Black for many Black people. History is an indicator and a reputation precedes the Republican party highlighting their racist, terrorist behaviors. When the Democratic Party talks about becoming best buds with someone trying to harm me and mines, cannot disregard that!

Black people and other people of color who are harmed by Republicans are apparently only a vote to help Biden win. Winning it seems is at the core, and that’s a capitalistic view of politics. We must win at all costs many believe. What these people cannot realize is that there are heavy costs associated with their decisions that go far beyond casting a vote.

Joe is pandering to the lowest white man in both the Republican and Democratic parties. As long as that pandering is the case, most of non-White people will never be safe in America, and we many of us will never be able to achieve the equality and liberty America offers on paper.

Freedom ain’t free, and White people who have never had to fight for it clearly don’t understand this. Joe Biden considering a Republican VP shows me he doesn’t understand this either, and because of this, his legacy is tarnished in my eyes forever.

When someone shows you who they are, please believe them.

I’d like to thank Joe Duncan for being a fantastic social media ally and inspiration for this essay.

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