Will the Democratic Party Please Stand Up?

It’s time for Dems to use a non-traditional method to fight the ignorant Orange blob. The Democratic Party is looking weak, sounding weak, and it shows. How can we have faith an aging Democratic party as the strength and wherewithal to fight White Supremacy.

Will the Democratic Party Please Stand Up?
Source: firedoglakedotcom [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Source: firedoglakedotcom [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Dear National Democratic Party,

I know Democrats won some seats last week and you may win a little more, but you all act like you won the Super Bowl. Old greedy Democrats who should have retired long ago are doing the news rounds spilling all their party’s tea about the House’s plans for Trump in January like a gossiping old neighbor who can’t wait to tell somebody else’s business. Democrats in Congress, you all are being so messy.

Clearly you still don’t understand who you’re dealing with yet.

Trump and his party, which includes lots of bigots and racists get up every day thanking Dems for running their big mouths. Why are you telling Trump and his cronies what you’re going to do so that they can figure out ways to block “our” progress. You’re working against the people who voted for most of you older professional politicians by default anyway.

Who tells somebody they’re going to come kick their ass, how you’re going to do it and when you’re going to do it, especially if they’ve been bullying you for years?

Only a fool does that. That’s what the Democratic Party is doing now. You’re looking quite desperate, thirsty to be exact. It’s not a good look either. You gotta play this game like chess, not like Hollywood Squares.

It’s time for a new strategy for a new kind of enemy. If you don’t adapt to the new environment, you’re going to keep getting your asses kicked. I don’t really care for party either, but if I must pick my devil…you’re it. The other devil is above my pay grade, I can’t with him. Unfortunately, he’s the Hitler and Mussolini of our generation. Just give him a little more time, he’s going to show us.

In the meantime, learn how to play and beat Trump at his games.

Looking at maps, hiring the best political strategist and fundraising will not be enough for this cheating, fascist, lying, radical enemy Senate you’re up against. Your opponent is a malignant narcissist and a sociopath, and he’s enabled by a bunch of old White men who want nothing more to maintain their power. They are acting like men with little man syndrome. So, toss all traditional and conventional political strategies out of the window!

Dems, you need some serious changes to your strategy for us to survive this shit. Let’s cut to the chase, Black and Brown lives are on the line. We ain’t got no time and for your trial and error hanky panky. It’s time to sink or swim, and I don’t have time to wait on you all to figure out what’s going on, so I am going to give you some advice.

How to Save American Democracy and Win!

#1. Shut your damn mouths! Why are you telling Trump what you’re planning to do in January? Hell, he and his cronies could blow up America or be in World War III by January by the time the next Congress is sworn in. Your strategy is weak and it’s absolutely useless in combating this Malignant Narcissist-in-Chief.

#2. Stay focused. Stop being petty and doing tit-for-tat with the GOP like you’re in a school yard fight! We are tired of Dem ineptitude, you’re not good at fighting Trump. Your weakness is showing, your age is telling on you (it’s a bunch of old folks in D.C.), and you keep acting like your old shenanigans are going to work. They are not.

Act like you are fighting a super-natural monster. You gotta go way deep to find new tools to beat this old demon. Need help…ask an old Black Southern Baptist church mother or call a Tribal Leader. People of Color have been fighting White tyrannical racists, bigots and oppressors for centuries here in America. We can teach you a thing or three about how to do that.

#3. Work on coalition building. Nasty Nancy Pelosi was being real petty this week because there are a number of junior Representatives that are speaking our truth and we want to see change. She’s not the only one who can lead or fight. Supporting her will certainly mean the end of your term soon. We are remembering who is not complying with our demands ya know.

Sometimes you need to lose to win. Move over and allow other fresh faces and younger spirits to have some power and get some shit done. Most of you people have been in Congress for a long time. Too long as a matter of fact. It’s a new day. Deal with it! In the meantime, embrace the future. Out with the old leadership, in with the new.

#4. Fight for us. Fight like Stacy Abrams. Fight like people of color who fight every day to make it in this world. Refuse to quit. Take the long way to the high road! We need to see you fighting. I hear you talking, but I don’t see ya doing anything. You also give up too easily. You compromise, and the bullies don’t. You look like fools. Be gangsta sometimes. There is a time and a place for decorum, pomp and circumstance shit, and then there are times to fight for what you want. We want you to fight, and we need to see you fight. If you don’t know how to fight, go home!

You’re fighting White Supremacy Dems, you need to understand that. It’s complex. If you don’t understand what’s happening, you’re not the right people for the job and you certainly can’t win the battle we’re waging here.

#5. Learn how to beat cheaters. If you know your opponent cheat (and they have been cheating since 2010), then why in the hell haven’t you guys figured how they are doing it and fixed it? You all are looking like idiots bringing straws to a gun fight. Do better.

#6. Change. People are voting for change. My philosophy is regardless of party affiliation, after 2 terms, you must go. The only way we move forward is to allow fresh faces with new ideas to go to D.C. Currently, you guys are married to your seats, just like the GOP. You think you OWN that shit. It’s not yours, it’s ours.

So why are you so glued to that seat? You’ve been there long enough to get your salary for life now, what’s your deal? Is there something we don’t know about Washington? Are you addicted to power? Are you getting kickbacks or lobbyist bucks?

We want change to bust up the gridlock and old grudges between the Dems and GOP, we need new blood (not change as extreme and deadly as Trump of course, just sane, rational change). It was nice working with you, but some of you gotta go!

#7. Pay attention. When the Republicans are busy redrawing districts, purging rolls, putting voters in ID Match purgatory, and crying about people stealing votes when they are stealing entire districts…why aren’t you joining state civil rights groups to fight voter suppression. Have you given up on civil rights for the working class and the working poor? It sure seems like it! You have allowed the GOP to disenfranchise millions of voters across the nation, and you seem to not be bothered, and can’t understand why your team can’t win. Do better. Pay attention. Be proactive. If they purge voters, find out who got purged and re-register them. Damn, it’s really not that hard!

Start by restoring the Voting Rights Act gutted by conservative Supreme Court Justices in 2013. Why haven’t you found a solution for this yet? Chop chop…

#8. Get your Twitter game up. You need to find some savvy wordsmiths really good at killing 45 on Twitter. The Democratic Party’s tweet game is weak. This man enjoys embarrassing people, and he drags the Democratic almost every day. You must learn to be petty. If you think it’s beneath you, well…that’s what Trump and his GOP are counting on. Silence equates to weakness with bullies.

You must learn how to multi-task and become masters of distractions like he does. You don’t have to lie, but if you can out savvy him on you are well on your way to make him screw up eventually. He is a vain man, so it’s easy to make him stumble. Doing it publicly on a daily or weekly basis (or at least when he comes from you) or when he calls you out would catch him off guard. Right now, he thinks he’s a king. Embarrassing him brings him to his knees. Even when you can’t see it, he’s shook.

#9. Stand up for people of color. I swear to my toilet bowl, if you all don’t start speaking up for people of color and stop just speaking to us every two years, we are going to revolt. We are on the cusps of leaving right now. Sane People of Color are tired of being used every 2–4 years when Dems want something. The Democratic Party is like a booty call to us now. We don’t hear from you until you want something, when you got the nookie…you’re gone until you want some again. No more free rides for you Democratic party.

We can’t enjoy public spaces (including the internet) without being threatened, physically and verbally harassed or slaughtered, and you Dems are not protecting us. We don’t want prayers, or your flags flown at half mass. We want justice dammit!

Dems’ silence and inaction says a lot about how much you care. Making rounds on news and political talk shows speaking to White people about how some shit “might” be racist is of no constellation to People of Color. Go to Black spaces and other non-White spaces to talk to us now. We are anxious. We have lost faith in you.

Do something! Prove to us you stand something other than yourselves. We’ve been pimped long enough. It’s time to go hard or go home.

Black lives are at risk out here in these streets, and no one’s being held accountable, including the Democratic Party.

Will the Democratic Party please stand up?

Marley K., 2018