White Liberal Comfort Is Not My Concern In 2020

A disclaimer and warning to White liberal voters and the Democratic voters for 2020. An essay about the politics of Black politics.

White Liberal Comfort Is Not My Concern In 2020
Photo by nappy from Pexels

I’m Not Compromising My Values Anymore

For far too long Black voters have compromised our own values when voting. I know I sure have. Always wondering what White Democratic voters will support to ensure the party gets the win, even if I win nothing. White comfort has meant tax dollars not flowing into Black communities, Black schools being neglected and closed, Black votes being stolen, Black voices being silenced, Black lives being beaten, Black concerns being taken for granted, and Black issues being ignored.

I’m no longer about compromising my values for White liberal voters comfort.

I don’t care about White working-class issues or fears. I’m not concerned about the financial worries of Moderates. I don’t want to hear about who White Midwest voters will vote for. I don’t don’t care about the Democratic Party getting White voters back. I am not concerned with which way White liberal feminists are leaning, and I sure as heck don’t care about the thoughts of the very White LGBTQ voting Black. One thing has become very clear, White people need White people and White power to lead them, regardless of how that hurts non-Whites. White people have already forgotten the Jewish people massacred at synagogue under the leadership of this President. It was the worst massacre of Jews in U.S. History.

White liberals don’t remember the two Black people massacred by a White man in a grocery stores buying groceries for their families, and the poor little boy who lost his caretaker that day thanks to a White Supremacist. White liberals have forgotten the same White man tried to get into a Black church before killing the Black people in the grocery store. White liberal voters have forgotten the people killed in El Paso already, and they’ve forgotten the way our White sociopath President made a political ad at the expense of predominantly poor people killed in that shooting.

Liberal voters have already forgot about the children shot in Parkland, Florida, and all the videos of police killing and beating Blacks nationally, the governor who wore Blackface and who was called Coon Man, and all the other people in leadership nationally who engaged in similar racist acts want to lead us. I’m out of patience and empathy for White liberal voters. White liberal voters appear to think only of themselves, and I’m tired of it.

A White man’s legacy and comfort trumps Black and brown trauma.

Dear DNC, They Were Never Yours Anyway

If Dem swing voters have left the party, they were never yours to begin with DNC. The only group of voters who have been faithful to the Democratic Party despite never giving a shit about our interests are Black voters, yet the party keeps chasing people who left. It’s like having a boyfriend or girlfriend, but they are constantly cheating on you going outside of the relationship for sex, dates, and to have their little egos stroked. When the newness wears off with the side-piece, the lover goes back to the old trusty, reliable partner in the relationship. At some point it gets old and tired. Why is it the Democratic Party continues to cater and pander to fair weather White voters, when Black voters are the most faithful voting Block in the party?

The only reason the Democratic Party still panders to lost White voters is because the party is infatuated and intoxicated with Whiteness, and racist. They are just in denial.

In chasing the White dissatisfied voter who “left” the party in 2016, the Democratic Party acts as a suitor chasing a promiscuous former lover who will cheat with the White man who offers her the best deal.

Polls Are Revealing the True Hearts of White Voters

Whites voters don’t have economic anxieties, they have Black and Brown anxieties, and the polls are showing them. What other rational reason are the polls showing Trump still up in battleground states three years into this train wreck of a treasonous presidency? White voters are comfortable in Whiteness, and they don’t give a damn about the discomfort or fears of others who aren’t like them. These voters don’t care about the danger the soon-to-be majority is in, because they don’t really want us to be the majority. The way White liberal and conservative Whites vote says everything to faithful Black Democrats. It’s disheartening, and I can’t unsee it.

The votes you cast says everything about your heart. You don’t have to tell us who you vote for individually, because the data shows what you all support collectively, and that’s Whiteness above all else.

Sometimes You Gotta Lose To Win

Nothing could make me vote for to harm any voter, not even White voters, but the same morals and empathy doesn’t apply for them. I can no longer ignore the group collectively supports my misery and demise. What many White voters don’t realize is the bad things they hope for me will fall upon them too. Your fellow White people will lose their jobs. Their schools will close, their towns will lose some businesses you love, and your kids will have to move to places far away to find gainful employment because you voted for a rich man who gave tax breaks to corporations instead of voting for a man who would ensure the people who make corporations money are taken care of.

White voters always cut off their noses spite their faces, and Black folks are always secondary or tertiary causalities of their poor choices. Many of us are done with voting for White comfort and voting with our needs in mind. We don’t care if the economy collapses, because most of us don’t have any money invested in it.

We don’t care if Trump is impeached, isn’t removed, and wins another term, because there is literally no benefit in him staying or leaving to Black voters. Shit in America will still be bad, unfair, and unequal for most of us because no party is discussing much needed systemic reforms and repairing or strengthening race relations. Blacks, people of color and the LGBTQ communities will be left unprotected, with plans for more of our protections to be rolled away. It will take decades if not centuries to fix what patriarchy and White Supremacy broke in America.

White people will do what they best, and that’s practice apathy, standby, watch, be silent, and do nothing because no matter who comes into office, they’ll be okay.

White people may lose some shit in 2021, but they’ll survive because the color of their skin makes them safe, that’s why White liberal comfort is not my concern in 2020. I’m voting my own interests.

Because even if Democrats win, I still lose.