Your Complacency Steals Your Best From Me

A poem about how complacency impacts our lives. A poem about how complacency in our public and private lives impacts us.

Your Complacency Steals Your Best From Me

Your Complacency Steals Your Best From Me

Complacency turns extraordinary men into bad ones and makes phenomenal women unremarkable.

It sends men into the streets in search of everything they miss at home, leaving their loves lonely wondering what he/she can do to make things better.

Complacency makes a women regret and men grow old, prematurely.

Complacency is the fissure that leads to the crack, which causes once solid relationships to break — sometimes falling completely apart.

It makes women long for those good old days, when her man was everything she missed at home.

Hook-ups, booty calls, sugar daddies, candy babies, walks of shame, and can’t remember her name moments are born from complacency.

Complacency kills and destroys. It tortures and torments, and causes lovers to feel unloved.

When complacency wins, you’ll lose — something, most times, if you don’t when underestimate it.

Complacency steals. It robs todays, snatches my tomorrows, and consumes nows.

Please deliver me from your complacency, because complacency steals your best from me.

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